Faculty Spotlight

Dr. Dwight Brady

CAMS Department Faculty Earns 2018 NMU Merit AwardProfessor Dwight Brady with Emmy Award

The Communication and Media Studies Department would like to congratulate Dr. Dwight Brady for earning a 2018 NMU Merit Award. Dr. Brady is known for being a highly effective teacher-scholar and providing career-building experiences and guidance for students in both the classroom and in his professional video production projects.

Dr. Brady was selected for this award due in part to four monumental tasks he accomplished:

1) Along with 14 students, Dr. Brady produced a documentary called Boxed In, which exposed a “dark store” tax loophole that prevented local municipalities from getting needed funds. The documentary won a Michigan Emmy award, bringing public attention and prestige to NMU. Furthermore, Dr. Brady worked with Michigan lawmakers to distribute his documentary among members of the state legislature. The legislature voted nearly unanimously to support a bill to close the loophole.

Dr. Dwight Brady accepts the Distinguished Faculty Award alongside President Erickson and two other faculty members.2) Dr. Brady overhauled NMU AAUP’s image and public relations by serving as the NMU AAUP information officer. In this position, he created a new website for the union, wrote press releases and articles to help the public relate to professors, and organized a rally to garner public support during the union’s contract negotiations.

3) In addition, Dr. Brady was elected to the new General Education Council, where he devoted many hours to the arduous task of forging the new General Education curriculum. He took a leadership role in organizing and creating the structure that was adopted and implemented after so many failed attempts over the previous decades.

4) Lastly, Dr. Brady gave vast amounts of personal time and resources to running for Congress. His goal in this civic duty was to offer all that he could to serve state and regional communities, including NMU. He employed his professional and academic expertise in media, journalism and communication, and did it “on load,” taking no time off from his university duties. This active participation in democracy is a positive reflection on NMU and provides an inspiring example of service for students and all citizens.