HS 344, Archival Management

Offered Winter semester of odd-numbered years

4 credit hours

This course is a core requirement of the Department of History’s Public History minor. However, the course is also designed to appeal to general undergraduate history majors interested in pursuing graduate studies in history.

Effective management and use of archival information by students in the humanities and social sciences requires an understanding of the purposes, functions, and activities that lead to the creation and maintenance of archives. Archivists apply a number of techniques to the care and management of archival information, such as acquisition, appraisal, arrangement, description, conservation, preservation, reference, and public educational outreach. These very specific skills and methodologies developed slowly over time and in response to external social and political factors. The Course is divided into three broad “units” that encompass the general meaning, purpose, and impact of archives in Western society. Overall, students will learn about archival management through deep, meaningful readings, active participation in discussion, writing, re-writing, and more re-writing. The instructor has designed the written assignments to reward good and well-structured argumentation, critical thinking, and communication skills.

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