Freshman Probation and College Transitions Program

young studentsThe Freshman Probation and College Transitions Programs are support programs offered for students who have been conditionally admitted to NMU with credentials (ACT or SAT test scores and high school GPA) slightly below NMU's admission standards. Students remain in FP or in the CTP until they are considered in academic good standing by attaining a 2.00 NMU GPA.

FP and CTP students take placement exams during their orientation program and then are placed in blocks appropriate to their placement test scores for their first semester. Typically, a "block" of courses consists of a 2-credit freshman seminar course (UN100B), 2-3 liberal studies or general education courses and may also include an academic support course as an introduction to success in college. Unique to FP and CTP, the freshman seminar instructor will also serve as the academic adviser to the students enrolled in his/her UN100B course.

To learn more about FP or the CTP, please read the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Sample FP or CTP Block (14 credit hours)

UN100B Freshman Seminar

Two Credit Hours

General Elective Credit for Any Major

EN110 Good Books

Four Credit Hours

Liberal Studies Humanities Credit

PS101 Introduction to Political Science

Four Credit Hours

Liberal Studies Social Sciences Credit

PY100L Psychology as Natural Science with Laboratory

Four Credit Hours

Liberal Studies Natural Sciences / Mathematics Credit