Faculty Checklist

survey check listYou may find this checklist useful when reviewing advisee's schedules as they complete their degree requirements.

  • Investigated majors and careers of interest?
  • Identified courses required by majors of interest:
    • liberal studies or general education?
    • graduation requirements?
    • major course requirements?
  • Reviewed liberal studies and graduation requirements already completed in divisions one through six?
  • Identified options for completing upper-division, 300/400 level (three-credit minimum) requirement?
  • Examined the laboratory requirements and how the course must be from natural science liberal studies list, and can be included within the natural science requirements?
  • Given thought to where the world cultures requirement will be completed?
  • Completed the health promotion (HP 200 and activity course) requirement?
  • Selected courses for the upcoming semester to meet open liberal studies and graduation requirements?
  • If undecided, prioritized possible majors of interest and identified exploratory (introductory) courses to take for those majors?
  • Decided on desired courses schedule for the upcoming semester?
  • Selected viable alternative courses and identified which first-choice courses they'll replace?
  •  Released adviser hold (if applicable) and explained MyNMU to students?