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Center for Upper Peninsula Studies

The Center for Upper Peninsula Studies seeks to document the region’s past and present. It serves as a collective memory of the residents and institutions in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. The Center is also a liaison among the U.P. communities and Northern Michigan University, which nurtures partnerships that advocate and reflect the region’s culture and society.

Upper Country

Upper Country is a journal of the Lake Superior region, published by Northern Michigan University's Center for Upper Peninsula Studies. Read current and past Upper Country publications here.

Sonderegger Symposium

Come celebrate the Upper Peninsula’s history, life, and culture at the XVIIth, Sonderegger Symposium. Nine scholars will present aspects of their work on Friday September 8, 2017, at Norther Michigan University. The conference is free of charge and includes lunch. It will take place from 8:30 A.M. through 3:30 P.M. at the University Center. Hosted by NMU’s Center for Upper Peninsula Studies and the generous support of the Sonderegger family.

Discover the history of the Upper Peninsula through the words of those who lived it. Browse a full list of oral histories and their transcripts <a href= "/upperpeninsulastudies/node/82">online</a>.Find a variety of resources based on different parts of the Upper Peninsula’s history. From folklore to lakes, mining to politics, the <a href= "/upperpeninsulastudies/node/16"> Center </a>has access to it all online and in person.

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