Past Presentations

2019 Symposium
2018 Symposium
2017 Symposium
Robert Archibald - "Trapped: Steel, Whiskey, Extinction, and the Upper Peninsula Fur Trade."
Jack Deo - "The Surveying Brothertons: One Hundred and Forty Years of Surveying Upper Michigan." 
Beth Gruber - "Fire in Shaft #3: the Osceola Mine Fire"
Russ Magnaghi - "Michigan State Constabulary and Its Upper Peninsula Orgins."
Robert Winn - "Upper Michigan Brain Tumor Center: Origin, Growth and Future."
Wil Rankinen - "Finnish and American English Pronunciation of 'Sauna' in Michigan's Upper Peninsula."
Carolyn Person - "History of Dunbar, Chippewa Country, Michigan: Farm to Recreation Area."
Abbey Palmer - "Strawberries, Milk, and Honey: 118 Years of Research at Michigan's First Agricultural Experiment Station, the Chatham North Farm."
Troy Henderson - " Exhibiting Modern Mining." 
2016 Symposium
Philip Johnson - "Finlandia University Rooted and Relevant."
Russ Magnaghi - "Booze and Bootlegger on the Boarder: Prohibition in the Upper Peninsula."
Bob Achibald - "The Upper Peninsula in 1640."
Brian Cambell - "A Stranger Comes to Town."
Fred Stonehouse - "The Iron Beacon, Marquette Harbor Lighthouse at 150."
Mark Ruge - "The Frostbitten Convention: A Birthday For the Upper Peninsula."
Ron Jones - "2016: 100 Years of the National Park Service & 50 Years of Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore."
Hilary Virtanen - "The Emerging Legend of John Wesley Saatio, Copper Country Outlaw."
Howard Nicholson - "The Studebaker Avanti: A Personal Journey in Unraveling History."
Michael Graydon - "World Games; Opposing the 1990 Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Municipal English-Only Resolution."
Laura Walikainen - "Rouleau "Saunas, Bathhouses, Locker rooms & Tubs: Copper Country Bathing Experiences, 1900-1930."
Allie Penn - "No News is Good News: The Slanted Reporting that Followed the Italian Hall Disaster."
2015 Symposium
Marley Chynoweth - "The Huron Mountain Club: Existing to Benefit All'  
Hedi Stevenson - "Blue Collar Poodles: A Yooper's Journey through Academe and an Academic's Journey through the U.P." 
Alex Ruuska - "Whose Fault is It? The Rise and Fall of Spider Man Cave" 
Robert Archibald - "Environmental History of the Upper Peninsular: An Outline" 
Russell Mangnaghi - "Brewing in the Upper Peninsula" 
Hilary Joy Virtanen - "An Ancient Finnish Ritual on the Shore of Lake Superior: Juhannus Midsummer Traditions in Toivola" 
Paul Sturgul - "History of Hurley, Wisconsin: Frontier Phase 1880-1920" 
Ryan DuBay - "The Closing of the Newberry State Regional Mental Hospital" 
Andrea Elaine Wuorenmaa - "Shaping Memory Through Ishpeming's Past"

2014 Symposium
Gabe Logan - "Playing for the People: The Labor Sport Union Athletic Clubs in Michigan's Upper Peninsula"
Daniel Truckey - "Canadian Immigrants in the Upper Peninsula" 
Gregory Wood - "Labor and the Right to Smoke in Michigan's Arsenal of Democracy"
Glenda Ward - "Voices of the Gossard"
Michael Marsden - "The Blind. Shoot Shack as Sacred Space"
Mr. Ted Bays - "An Immense World of Delight: The U.P. in Prose"
Troy Henderson - "Holing Up: The Origins, Evolution, Life Style and Work of Shackers in the Upper Great Lakes"

2013 Symposium
John Anderton - "Native American Camp in Marquette County"
Russell Magnaghi - "Forgotten Frontier: Lake Michigan & Southern Shore of the Upper Peninsula"
Don Balmer- "Lockin Through: Sault Ste. Marie"
Daniel Truckey – "Lost and Found: Historic Structures of the Upper Peninsula"
Ron Sundell - "An Environmental History of the Dead River"
Nick Pond - "Early Sport Fishing in the UP"
Josh Benzie - "The Price of Wages in the Past" 
Jack Deo - "Life and Occupations in the Upper Peninsula”
Jon Saari - "What Happened to the Great Swamp of North Marquette?"

2012 Symposium
Roy Norton - "236 years of Canada - United States Relations - Presented in an Hour"
Michael Broadway - "A Britisher's View of the War of 1812"
Eric Hemenway - "Native Americans and the War of 1812"
Phil Porter - "War of 1812 at Mackinac Island" 
Russell M. Magnaghi - "War of 1812 in the Lake Superior Basin" 
Chet DeFonso - "Canadians and the War of 1812" 
Daniel P. Truckey - "Allan Lomax and Collecting U.P. Folk Music" 
James H. McCommons - "George Shiras, Enviornment" 
Howard Nicholson - "Will, Merle, and Elizabeth: Portrait of a Family" 
Russell M. Magnaghi - "Who was the First President To Visit the U.P.?" Part 1  Part 2

Marcus Robyns - "The Latest at the NMU Archives"
Ronald Sundell - "Dead River Research" 

2011 Symposium
Doug Boyle - U.P. Fur Trappers, Fur Display
Marcus Robyns - "New Developments at the NMU Archives"
Howard Nicholson - "Human Aspects of Commercial Fishing"
Troy Henderson - "The Facades of Downtown Marquette"
Bruce Sarjeant - "What Are the Boundaries of the Copper Country?"
David Carlson - "Calumet Lutheran Churches in the 1870s - Issues of Faith, but also Ethnic Identity"
John Argeropoulos - "The Greeks of Marquette and Neighboring Communities: A Personal Journey"
Robert Goodrich - "Hapsburg Identity vs. National Identity in the 19th Century"
Cornell DeJong, Timothy Hilton, Deanna Trella - "The Family Context of Rural Homelessness"
David Haynes - "The Presidency of Judi Bailey"
Steve Nelson, Macrae Anderson, Corinna Korpila - "Economic Impact of Local Food Systems in Michigan's Upper Peninsula"
Jonathan Allen - "Tocqueville and the Native American 'Other': The Michigan Experience"
Russell Magnaghi - "National Park Properties in the Upper Peninsula: How Did They Come About?"
Timothy Hilton, Joseph Masters - "Back to the Rez: Native Americans' Transitions from Prison to Communities in the Upper Peninsula"
James McCommons - "George Shiras and Early 20th Century Environment Movement"

2010 Symposium

Howard Nicholson - "Wine Making in the Upper Peninsula, Past and Present."
Michael Kantola - "Historic Native American Use of the Proposed Woodland Road Corrido and Yellow Dog Plains."

Jonathan Allen - "Alexis de Tocqueville in the U.P.?"

Russell Magnaghi - "Who was Tsu Ming Han?"

Katherine Johnson - "Homemade Jam - Finnish Music & Dance in Aura, MI"

Michael Kosiniemi - "Cornish Wrestling in the U.P."

Valerie Holladay - "African American Community at Elmwood, Iron County."

Mary Hoefferle - "Club Life: Visual Representations of Group Identity in the Upper Peninsula."

Steve Lehto - "Douglas Houghton Opens the Upper Peninsula."

Jon Anderton - "Ancient Bridges and Light Keeper's Dumps" A Phase 1 Culture Resource Survey at Fort Wilkins State Park."

"Blaney Park Resort: Enjoying the U.P. Environment"

"Lingustics and Health Care within the Finnish Community."

Don Balmer - "U.P. Then and Now in 3-D"



2009 Symposium

Morning Sessions  - Online presentations

Afternoon Sessions - Online presentations

Afternoon Sessions 2 - Online presentations

John Anderton - “Prehistoric Archaeology Potential of Unknown Places in the U.P.”
Zachery Bennett - “Charles Whittlesey, 1845 Surveyor to the Copper Regions”
Anders Gillis - “Finn-Swedes in the Upper Peninsula”

Troy Henderson - “Factory to Forest: The Promise and Failure of the Ford Lumber Camps”
Mary M. Hoefferle - “Labor Day Parades in Ontonagon: A 50 Year Tradition”
Joelle Johns - “Upper Peninsula Brewing Company”
James Leary - “Accordion and Working Class Culture along Superior’s South Shore”
Gabe Logan - “Finnish Runners in the 1928 Transcontinental Footrace”

Russell Magnaghi - “Introduction of French Farming to the Upper Peninsula” & “National Parks of Lake Superior” & Ken Burns’ “The National Parks: America’s Best Idea”
Howard Nicholson - “Sugar Beet Fever in Menominee County”
Paul Olson - “Kalevala Stage Part, a Progress Report”
Fred Stonehouse - “The 107th Engineers, the UP’s Own”
Daniel Truckey - “Stories from the Woods: Storytelling Traditions of the Upper Peninsula”
Phyllis Wong - “Gossard Women: A Personal View”

2008 Symposium
Robert Archibald - “Sense of Community and the Upper Peninsula”
Thomas Baldini - Great Lakes Politics and Policy
Rachel Crary -  “Yoopers in Alaska in the Great Depression: Matanuska Experiment”
David Dempsey - Great Lakes Politics and Policy
Christine Flavin -  “Vanish Points: Abandoned Mining Sites in the U.P.”
Walter Hanson - “Marquette and the Spanish Flu of 1918”
David Haynes - “Politics of the U.P. in the Late 20th Century”
Stephanie Heikell - “The Negaunee World of Great Movie Theaters”
Troy Henderson - “Aspects of Lumbering in the Upper Peninsula”
Abhijit Jain -  “A Profile of Computer & Internet Usage in the U.P., 1994-2007”
John Kiltinen - “The Creation of an Opera”
David Laakso - “The Finn Tragedy at Rockland”
Russell Magnaghi - “French Colonial Society in the Upper Peninsula in the 17th-18th Centuries”

Howard Nicholson -  “Fruit Agriculture in the Upper Peninsula”
Russell Olds - “The Fins of the Upper Peninsula: A Cultural Approach” 
Kate Remlinger - “Finnish Dialect in the U.P.”
Ken Sikkema - Great Lakes Politics and Policy
Daniel Truckey - “U.P. Soldiers in the Russian Expeditionary Force, 1918-1919”
Phyllis Wong - “The Gossard Company Oral History Project”

2007 Symposium
Emily Schmitz - "Unveiling the Truth: Calumet as State Capital?"
Toby Rose - "Changing Cultural Identity of Jews in the Upper Peninsula."
Dan Truckey - "Telling Our Stories: The Beaumier Heritage Center and the Museum for the 21st Century."
Howard Nicholson - "The Transition from Open Range Livestock to a Dairy Economy: The First 100 Years of Agriculture in Menominee County, Michigan, 1840 -1940."
Russell Magnaghi - "The Federal Government and the Role of Indian Treaties in the Upper Peninsula."
Daniel Homernik - "Politics and the Depression in the Upper Peninsula,1932 and 1936 Elections."
John Anderton - "Prehistoric Site Location Modeling and Archaeological Survey in the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore."
Brian J. Meehan - "Survival of the World's Oldest Profession at Sault Ste. Marie." 
Jan Neauman - "My Ethnic Folklore, A Case Study." 
Jeremy Hosking - "The Progressive Era Comes to Marquette, 1912-1915"
Marius Grazulis - "Lithuanians in the Upper Peninsula."
2006 Symposium 
Elizabeth Delene - "Bishop Baraga and the Canonization Process: What Is It?"
Dennis Badaczewski - "Polish Heritage in the Upper Peninsula."
John Anderton - "Bugs and Beaches: Geoarchaeology in the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore."
Gregg Bruff - "Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore at 40."
Russell Magnaghi - "The Federal Government & The UP to 1840."
Katelyn Weber - "NMU, the Federal Government and World War II."
Howard Nicholson - "Mentor for Life: The Dialogue of Bowman and Voelker."
Terry Reynolds - "Flirting with Vertical Integration: The Cleveland Iron Mining Company and Great Lakes Shipping, 1855-1880."
Keith Kendall - "Great Lakes Shipping and the Great Depression."
Marcus Robyns - "Were they really Satisfied? Cleveland Cliffs Iron Mining Company and the Iron Miners of the Marquette Rang, 1896-1946."
Gary Kaunonen - "A Finnish Immigration Response to Industrial Labor: A Study of Material Culture."
Christine Osier - "The Future of the Marquette Museum." 
2005 Symposium
John Anderton - "The Gribben Forest Revisted."
William Bergman - "Viewing the Coming of the War of 1812 from Ojibwa Country."
Rebecca Mead - "Swedish Immigration to the Upper Peninsula."
Howard Nicholson - "Danish Traditions in the Upper Peninsula."
Russell Magnaghi - "Czechs and Slovaks 'Lost in the Upper Peninsula'."
Chet DeFonso - "St. Paul's Episcopal Church's First Fifty Years."
Ray Amtmann - "Computer Literacy of Upper Peninsula High School Graduates."
Tawbi Ferrarini - "Upper Peninsula Employment Trends from 1983 to 2000."
Gabe Logan - "Copper ore & Class War: The UP and the Workers' Olympics in Chicago, 1932."
Don Curto - "Growing Up In Marquette during the Great Depression."
2004 Symposium
Henry Loope, Walter Loope, Ronald Goble, Timothey Fisher - "Inland dunes within Eastern Michigan: A Legacy of Lake Minong."
John Anderton - "The First People of the Upper Peninsula: Paleo-Indian Geoarchaeology in Northern Michigan"
Paul Lubotina - "Thirty Years of Racism in a Midwestern Mining Town."
Russell Magnagni - "Testing their Loyalty: World War I in the Upper Peninsula."
Howard Nicholson - "Danish Immigration to the Upper Peninsula as Exemplified by Knud Nielsen."
2003 Symposium 
Terry Reynolds - "Cleveland Cliffs and Cutover: A Mining Company Attempts to Settle Its Cutover Lands, 1895-1905."
Robert Regis & Carrie Jennings-Patterson - "Deep Thoughts on the Floor of the Eastern Lake Superior Basin and Large-Scale Glaciofluvial Landforms in the Central Upper Peninsula of Michigan."
Walter Loope, Henry Loope, Ronald Goble - "Late Pleistocene and Holocene Dune building in eastern Upper Michigan."
John Anderton - "Geoarchaeology of Grand Island, Michgian." 
James Paquette - "The Gorto Site: The Find of a Thousand Lifetimes."
Robert Gorcik - "An Environmental History of the Carp River, Marquette County, Michigan."
Russell Magnaghi - "Food of the Missionaries and Explorers in the Upper Peninsula, 1655-1855."
Bernard Peters - "Dr. Douglass Houghton's 1840 Geological Exploration of the Marquette-Area Shoreline."
Robbins, Marcus, & Kirsten Lystila - "The 1946 Iron Miners Strike on Marquette Iron Range."
Karin Steffins & Jon Saari - "Protected Areas in the U.P.: What Are They Worth and How Much Is Enough?"
Ron Sundell - "Dam Disasters, Buffer Zones, and River Restoration Opportunities - The Dead River Comes Alive!"
Jennifer Silverston - "The Future of Power Production in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan."
2002 Symposium 
John Anderton - "A Cultural Resource Survey of Presque Isle Park, Marquette, Michigan."
Walter Loope, Angela Lucas, John Anderton - "An Assessment of Upland Vegetation, Soils and Site History Adjacent to the 1911 Diversion of Walsh Creek, Seney National Wildlife Refuge."
Erik Norbeg - "Arizona and Michigan: A Study of Mining Links between Two Copper-Producing States."
Emily Magnaghi & Russell Magnaghi - "Planting at the J.L. Longyear Property in Marquette."
Kathryn Remlinger - Identity, Language Attitudes, and Dialect in the Keweenaw Peninsula."
Beth Simon - "Discourses of Identity in the Keweenaw Copper Country."
Tawni Ferrarini - "Status of Labor in the Upper Peninsula, 1988-2001."
Alan Willis - "African Americans in the Upper Peninsula."
Martin Reinhardt - "Impact of Federal Indian Education Policy on Native and Non-Native people in the Upper Peninsula."