'Go Green' Questions

February 2010

We had a question in our office about compact fluorescent light bulbs. We’ve converted to them entirely but aren’t sure how to recycle them. Do those go in the single sort box also?

Compact fluorescent bulbs can be given to your building attendant or custodian to be recycled in the same process that fluorescent tubes are recycled.

Is there anything they can do for the Hedgcock building like they did Cohodas?

If there are areas in your office that have spaces that are letting cold air blow in, please call Plant Operations at ext. 2292.

Why are we so far behind in getting up-to-date consumption information -- Feb. 1 we get October data??

The electrical savings were realized throughout most of the buildings so we assume that it is a combination of things including the reduction of the operating schedules of the mechanical systems, implementation of energy saving projects, overall occupant awareness, less operation of electric chillers due to cooler weather, etc.

We are billed by our utilities on the 15th of the month, so we try to read our meters at the same time to match the usages as close as possible to what they bill us for. We cannot obtain information on cost analysis until we receive all bills, so we are generally about two months behind when we send the information out.

For example: right now, we are entering information from the January bills, which we received in early February for the time period of Dec. 15 – Jan. 15. We are as up to date as we can be at this time. The "October" report (Oct. 15 – Nov. 15 with bills received in December), went out little later than usual due to the holiday break.

What is NMU's policy on staff bringing in recyclables from home? I live in Harvey where they don't do mixed-paper recycling -- they only take newspapers. Since moving there from the City of Marquette, I have continued my old habit of saving all the recyclable paper. Now I'm looking for a place to recycle it. I wondered if I would get in trouble if I deposited my bags of paper from home in one of NMU's red dumpsters.

All dumpsters located on campus are for university use only. Dumping of any type of refuse from a private residence is prohibited. The university does pay a fee to have recycling dumpsters emptied. You can contact the Marquette County Landfill to see if they will accept these products free of charge.