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The facilities department at NMU works to provide for the development, service and stewardship of the university’s physical assets to sustain a functional, safe and attractive teaching, learning and working environment. It encompasses engineering and planning and sustainability efforts on campus as well.

Plant Operations Call Center

The Plant Operations Call Center is the communications hub of Plant Operations and the front-line communications with campus departments. Work Orders are initiated, dispatched, coordinated, and tracked through our computerized Facilities Management System.

Master Plan

The Campus Master Plan is a collection of powerful ideas that establishes a flexible "opportunity framework" for coordinating physical change on the campus. Learn More

There are many questions about the facilities department, from where it is located to how you can keep up to date on construction projects. <a href="http://www.nmu.edu/facilities/node/9">Find a full list of frequently asked questions and their answers</a>.For years, Northern

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In an effort to reach a higher level of cleaning and to create a greener, healthier environment, the facilities department has created a comprehensive trash and recycle program for campus. Check out what NMU is doing to lessen its impact on the environment.