Log Your Volunteer Time

VoluneersThank you for volunteering your time!

We know you probably aren’t volunteering to get a pat on the back, but we’d like to recognize your efforts. Recording our collective volunteer hours also helps the university have an idea of how much volunteer impact NMU students have on the Upper Peninsula community (and beyond). It is also a good way for you, as an individual, or your student organization to set goals from year to year.

If your work was done as part of Superior Edge, you only have to input your hours once and they are recorded for your Superior Edge participation, added to the university total, and if your student organization is tracking hours, added to their total as well.

Again, thanks for volunteering.  Northern Michigan University and the Center for Student Enrichment are proud of your great work.  If you have questions, feel free to contact us for help.

If you’re volunteering but not yet a member of Superior Edge, why not consider joining and getting credit for those volunteer hours.  Superior Edge graduates receive formal university recognition on a student enrichment transcript.  Check out this unique citizen-leadership development program – no other university in the nation has a program like this – which is open to any NMU student, regardless of class, major, grade point average or past leadership experience. Get kudos for what you do outside (and in some instances inside) the classroom.