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2016-17 Volunteer Statistics

Total NMU volunteer hours for the year1,987 hours
Volunteer hours by organization
VanAntwerp Hall632 hours
NSSLHA (National Student Speech,Language,Hearing Association)66 hours
Superior Edge53 hours
Woodland Park 2nd Floor Advisory Board50 hours
Shady Grove House40.5 hours
Mortar Board24 hours
Narnia House23 hours
Toon Town House12 hours
Fisheries And Wildlife Association12 hours
Malibu House8 hours
Honors Student Organization6.5 hours
Student Leader Fellowship Program6.5 hours
Aspen Haus5 hours
House Of Wonders4 hours
Woodland Park 3rd Floor Advisory Board4 hours
Deja Vu House4 hours
The Strip House4 hours
SLFP Internship3.5 hours
Club Softball3 hours
Platform Personalities3 hours
Rotaract3 hours
Ceramics Collective2 hours
ASNMU1.5 hours
West Hall1 hours
Lincoln Townhouses0.5 hours
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