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2015-16 Volunteer Statistics

Total NMU volunteer hours for the year12,090 hours
Volunteer hours by organization
American Graffiti House1228 hours
Rowing Club500 hours
Margaritaville House435 hours
Whoville House382.5 hours
Role Call Association184 hours
Deja Vu House182 hours
Pre-Physician Assistant Club142 hours
Wildlife Society97 hours
Student Leader Fellowship Program97 hours
Copa Cabana House89 hours
Norwood Apartments87 hours
Looney Bin House86 hours
Woodland Park 3rd Floor Advisory Board80 hours
Alpha Gamma Delta71.5 hours
Women's Club Soccer70 hours
ASNMU60 hours
Smokehouse49 hours
Public Relations Student Society Of America (PRSSA)49 hours
SLFP Internship47 hours
Spooner Hall40 hours
Greek Council40 hours
Fantasia House31 hours
Pay It Forward28.5 hours
Breakwater House26 hours
West Hall26 hours
College Democrats23 hours
Black Student Union21 hours
Meyland Hall20 hours
Health Promotion Society20 hours
Relay For Life18 hours
Superior Edge14 hours
Lincoln 1600 Apartments14 hours
Halverson Hall14 hours
Cru/Campus Crusade For Christ13.5 hours
Lincoln Townhouses12 hours
Kappa Beta Gamma12 hours
1200 Center Street Apartments12 hours
Narnia House12 hours
Student Nurses Association11 hours
Reel House10 hours
Aspen Haus9 hours
Phi Sigma Sigma8 hours
Campus Cursive8 hours
Literacy For Life8 hours
Moose Lodge House8 hours
Dance Association7 hours
All Nations Club6 hours
Arctic House6 hours
Pre-Vet Club6 hours
Society Of Automotive Engineers Baja Racing Club5 hours
Neuroscience Club5 hours
Alpha Psi Omega5 hours
Pre-Med Club4 hours
NSSLHA (National Student Speech,Language,Hearing Association)4 hours
Dakota House4 hours
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship4 hours
Forensic Biochemistry Club4 hours
Native American Student Association (NASA)3 hours
Summit House3 hours
Women For Women3 hours
Women's Rugby Club3 hours
Hollywood House2.5 hours
Toon Town House2 hours
Women's Lacrosse2 hours
Figure Skating Team2 hours
Sleepy Hollow House2 hours
House Of Wonders2 hours
Honors Student Organization2 hours
Many Shades Of Sisterhood1 hours
Hunt Hall1 hours
Concert House1 hours
Japanese Language And Culture Club1 hours
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