Michigan STEM Partnership

Seaborg Center participates in the promotion of STEM college and career readiness

Northern Michigan University’s Seaborg Center is participating in the Michigan STEM Partnership to promote the education and awareness of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). The Michigan STEM Partnership began after Governor Rick Snyder asked the Michigan Mathematics and Science Centers Network, of which the Seaborg Center is a part of, to head efforts to promote STEM college and career readiness in Michigan. The Seaborg Center and the four other U.P. Math and Science Centers comprise the Superior Hub and host quarterly meetings that bring local community members, educators, and NMU leaders together to discuss how they can increase STEM college and career readiness in the Upper Peninsula.

Collectively the Superior Hub has come up with a list of goals and ideas about what it will do to promote STEM in the U.P. Those goals include finding funding and locations for STEM-learning field trips, involving businesses in mentoring support and opportunities in and out of schools, engaging families in STEM activities that include knowledge of STEM careers and economic realities, and incorporating STEM concepts into all areas of curriculum at all ages. The Superior Hub hosts multiple events each year for local students and their families around the U.P.

Michigan organizations that promote the STEM fields in any way can register their organization on the Partnership website under “Share your STEM assets” or “Share your STEM resources.” The STEM Partnership hopes to gather information about all businesses, industries, organizations, individuals and more that can contribute to STEM awareness which will make STEM outreach as effective as possible.