Course Descriptions

Psychology - Undergraduate Courses

PY 100G Psychology as a Social Science
PY 100H Honors Psychology as a Natural Science
PY 100L Psychology as a Natural Science with Laboratory
PY 100S Psychology as a Natural Science
PY 102 Individual and Family Relationships
PY 156 Children, Families, School and Community
PY 170 Introduction to Early Childhood Care and Education
PY 203 Applied Behavior Analysis
PY 204 Physiological Psychology
PY 205 Introduction to Research Methods in Psychology
PY 211 Learning
PY 235 Psychology of Gender
PY 241 Child Psychology
PY 245 Infant/Toddler Development
PY 247 Infant/Toddler Programming
PY 255 Sexual Behavior: Psychological Perspectives
PY 270 Activity Planning I: The Creative Arts
PY 272 Activity Planning II: The Sciences
PY 285 Developmentally Appropriate Program/Practice (DAPP)
PY 290 DAPP Field Experience
PY 291 Topics in Applied Psychology
PY 295 Special Topics in Psychology
PY 296 Special Topics
PY 297 Directed Research/Directed Study
PY 298 Directed Research/Directed Study
PY 299 Apprenticeship
PY 302 Causes and Control of Aggression
PY 303 Human Neuropsychology
PY 304 Animal Behavior
PY 305 Psychological Statistics
PY 309 Psychopharmacology
PY 311 Thinking and Cognition
PY 313 Introduction to Linguistic Theory
PY 314 Early Literacy/Language Development
PY 320 Psychological Measurement
PY 335 Social Psychology
PY 344 Lifespan Developmental Psychology
PY 345 Psychology of Exceptional Young Children
PY 350 Observation/Assesment of Young Children
PY 351 Psychology of Personality
PY 352 Child Guidance Techniques
PY 353 Psychology of Aging in the Family
PY 355 Abnormal Psychology
PY 358 Meaning and Development of Play
PY 360 The Ethics and Practice of Clinical Psychology
PY 390 Western Childhood
PY 399 Advanced Apprenticeship
PY 400 History and Systems
PY 401 Behavior-Genetic Analysis
PY 403 Behavior Assessment and Evaluation
PY 404 Advanced Physiological Psychology
PY 410 Sensation and Perception
PY 411 Advanced Learning
PY 435 Advanced Social Psychology
PY 436 The Psychology of Organizational Behavior
PY 441 Individual Differences in Development
PY 455 Psychopathology
PY 460 Administration of Preschool Programs
PY 470 Psychological Aspects of Athletic Performance
PY 490 Seminar
PY 491 Early Childhood Capstone Senior Thesis
PY 492A Practicum
PY 492B Advanced Practicum
PY 495 Special Topics in Psychology
PY 496 Special Topics in Psychology
PY 497 Directed Research/Directed Study
PY 498 Directed Research/Directed Study