Faculty and Staff

Grace Albert

Principal Secretary


Office: 1001 New Science Facility 

Phone: (906) 227-2935

Paul Andronis

Research Areas:
Behavioral Analysis
Research Interests:
Widespread applications of behavioral technology to important social, clinical, and personal behavior problems



Office: 1119 New Science Facility 

Phone: (906) 227-2291


Jeremy Biesbrouck

Assistant Professor 

Research Areas: 
Behavior Analysis

Research Interests:
Discrimination training, and stimulus equivalence.



Office: 1121 New Science Facility 

Phone: (906) 227-2986


Joshua Carlson

Associate Professor

Research Areas:
Affective Neuroscience




Office: 1135 New Science Facility 

Phone: (906) 227-2798


Jacob Daar

Assistant Professor
Research Areas:
Complex verbal behavior; Language acquisition programming for children with autism and related disorders; Gambling, impulsivity and risk-taking behaviors; Functional behavior assessment and behavior support programming



Office: 1131 New Science Facility 

Phone: (906) 227-2992


John de Grosbois

Postdoctoral Fellow 

Research Areas: Physiological and cognitive aspects of movement


Office: 1129 New Science Facility


Susan Kapla

Associate Professor

Research Interests:
Animal behavior, behavior analysis, and learning.



Office: 1113 New Science Facility 

Phone: (906) 227-2933


Adam Prus

Professor and Department Head


Research Interests:
Neuropsychopharmacology Lab

Mechanisms of action of antipsychotic drugs



Office: 1001A New Science Facility 

Phone: (906) 227-2941


Andrea Savord


Courses Taught: PY211, PY305, PY400


Office: 1123 New Science Facility 

Phone: (906) 227-2933

Ashley Shayter


Research Areas: Traumatic brain injuries, applied behavior analysis, training and performance improvement in the work setting. 


Office: 1127 New Science Facility 

Phone: (906) 227-2982

Laura VandenAvond


Research Areas: 


Office: 1308 New Science Facility 

Phone: (906) 227-2147

Mounia Ziat

Associate Professor
Research Areas:
Cognitive Neuroscience, Human Computer Interaction
Research Interests:
Perception in Action Lab

Human perceptual processes, with an emphasis on haptic perception; multimodal integration, and human computer interaction.



Office: 1013 New Science Facility 

Phone: (906) 227-2948