Pre-Med Club Cleans Up Highway

Students help with adopt-a-highway

NMU pre-med students helped clean up a local highway as a part of the Adopt-A-Highway program. The students in the photo are Josh Brand, Samantha Matthews, Cole Swiston, Allen Wandrych, Katelyn Pershinske, Maria Gligor, Joey Vermeulen, Jennifer Betthauser, McKenzie Bowen, Sarah Swiss, Brianna Wright, Anna Cameron, Angela Robertson, Haley Bianco, Michaela Mcleod, Jaylin Fisher. 

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Medical School Blog

Medical students from around the country who completed their undergraduate work at NMU are encouraged to blog about their experiences, inside and outside of the classrooms. View the bloggers and see their entries


Medical School Admits

View where last year's NMU graduates are currently attending medical school on the medical school admits tracker. There are 19 students from the class of 2013 attending medical school at various institutions around the United States. 


Joining a Student Group

Want to meet other students who are also preparing for professional degree programs in medically related, pre-vet, pharmacy, architecture, engineering?  There’s a student group for you.  Check it out

Students Studying Interdisciplinary vs. Pre-Professional
Confused about what the difference between a pre-professional program and one classified as interdisciplinary? Pre-professional programs are academic programs that will require additional schooling in order to obtain the degree or license required to work in a particular field.  Interdisciplinary programs are those that have oversight by more than one department on campus. Several pre-professional programs are also interdisciplinary programs.

Please click here to view a presentation which describes recommendations and program description.  Click here to view the presentation as a Power Point.


NMU Alumna on Campus

NMU alumna Viktoria Koskenoja recently spoke to a group of pre-med majors on campus about career navigation and development. Koskenoja, who is completing her residency at the Harvard Affiliated Emergency Medicine Residency, graduated from NMU with a degree in Biology/Physiology in 2007. She then went on to complete medical school at Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine. See more of what Koskenoja has accomplished on her alumna spotlight.

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Academic Program Videos

Student talking about Pre-Veterinary MedicineStudents talk about their experiences and opportunities within the majors of Pre-Professional Programs.

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Who is my adviser?
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Students in NMU’s pre-professional programs will have an assigned faculty adviser through their major program, which can be found on under the Student Information tab. However, additional assistance is available from the faculty coordinators for the pre-professional program – if he or she is not already your adviser.  You can find the program coordinators here.

Declaring a Major

What should you major in if you plan to go on to a professional school? Professional schools look for students with outstanding academic skills, diverse interests and a broad educational background. That’s why NMU’s pre-professional programs are not undergraduate majors, but rather courses of study that are a part of a broader liberal arts education. As a pre-professional student, you will choose work on a baccalaureate degree in a major of your choosing. Below are the most popular majors for pre-professional students.