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Modern Languages and Literatures

As a welcoming community of international scholars, we provide a crucial component of NMU's undergraduate curriculum. Our courses and programs challenge students to cultivate global competencies in languages, literatures and cultures. The knowledge and skills students gain with us prepare them for a variety of professions, and are complementary and invaluable to fields and careers students pursue across campus and around the world.

Experience learning

For beginners, a sequence of four courses gets students swiftly to the point where they can study abroad and be immersed in their language. Students are encouraged to study abroad for at least one semester in any of our programs in more than 30 countries. Advanced students will delve deeper into the subtleties of language. Students seeking teacher certification also take education classes, have field experiences and a semester of student teaching. Interactive teaching and learning take students far beyond books and classrooms.

Career excellence

Knowing a language opens exciting career opportunities. Our graduates are employed in government positions and non-government organizations; education; finance and marketing firms; international business consulting; travel and tourism; public relations; publishing; and many other fields.

Receive tutoring for your language classes with the help of the Language Lab. Tutors are available throughout the school year to help you. <a href="http://www.nmu.edu/modernlanguages/language-lab">Learn more about Language Lab</a>. The department also offers numerous other opportunities to practice. <a href="http://www.nmu.edu/modernlanguages/node/102">Additional resources</a>Northern offers a number of faculty-led study abroad opportunities in countries throughout the world. They are great opportunity to travel internationally in an organized way. <a href="http://www.nmu.edu/internationalprograms/node/21">See which programs might be the best fit for you.</a>Learn more about what graduated students from the department are doing with their degrees. <a href="http://www.nmu.edu/modernlanguages/alumni-spotlights">Alumni spotlights</a>

Degrees Offered

What you'll do at NMU

Harness technology to see, hear and create modern languages multi-media in our language lab or on your NMU-issued notebook computer. Immerse yourself in novels, newspapers and magazines from around the world in our library. Join a language club and cook, dance and converse together. Study art, language and culture all over the world. Compete on campus in Spanish Day. Intern as an English teacher in France. Or just enjoy weekly food and fun at one of the “language tables” at a local restaurant. The opportunities for involvement and growth are as unlimited as your adventurous spirit!

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