Exercise Science Lab Equipment

Current Instrumentation – Fall 2011

Exercise Modes

  • Multiple exercise/fitness treadmills
  • High-speed research treadmill
  • Oversized FitNex treadmill (8'x10' – accommodates roller skiing and bicycling)
  • Multiple mechanically braked Monark cycle ergometers and Schwinn Airdyne cycle ergometers
  • Multiple Concept II rowing ergometers
  • Lode Excaliber Sport cycle ergometer with Wingate power testing and pedal force measurement
  • VASA Ergometer mounted for XC ski poling
  • 10'x10' rock climbing wall with mounts for four 3-dimensional force platforms
  • 4'x13' 45-degree overhanging rock climbing board


Strength and General Physiology

  • Biodex System 4 isokinetic dynamometer
  • Biodex Balance System
  • Multiple PCB force sensors; one in an apparatus for measuring finger curl force
  • Four Biopac MP150 data acquisition systems for ECG, EMG, force, skin temp
  • BTS FreeEMG300 8 channel telemetry EMG system;  includes interface for electrogoniometers and accelerometers.  Can also be direct linked to Motion Analysis system and Biodex System 4 dynamometer



  • SensorMedics/CareFusion VMax29c bxb expired air & pulmonary analysis system
  • CareFusion VMax Encore expired air & pulmonary analysis system
  • CareFusion/Jaeger Oxycon Mobile portable expired air analysis system
  • LactatePro whole blood  lactate analysis



  • Marquette Electronics MAX-1 12-lead exercise ECG with integrated GE treadmill
  • Polar heart rate monitors + computer interface
  • Numerous setups for measuring blood pressure via auscultation
  • Flow volume loop spirometry (all CareFusion analyzers)


Biomechanics (In addition to the above)

  • Motion Analysis Corporation (MAC) 6 camera system (3 Raptor, 3 Hawk cameras) 3D retro reflective kinematic system with Cortex 2 software
  • MaxTraq 2D video analysis system
  • One high-speed Casio ExLIM-1 video camera (up to 600 Hz)
  • Four AMTI 3-dimensional force platforms, 2 with underwater capability
  • Portable AMTI force platform
  • Two dual plane Biometrics Electrogoniometers (work with Biopac and BTS)
  • Two instrumented bicycle wheels for measuring power output and cadence
  • Multiple electrogoniomenters (BioPac)
  • Electromyography (see BioPac and BTS above under Strength and General Physiology)