Graduate Student Job Openings

**NOTE - These positions are not graduate assistantships and do not include any benefits. These are hourly paid positions. Please also see Career Services and Graduate Assistantship Positions for additional employment opportunities.

Dean of Students - Graduate Student Worker

This position pays $13.09 an hour for 20 hours a week.  If interested, complete the application and turn into the Dean of Students office. Job description:


.  Meet with walk-ins and respond to telephone and email contacts from students, faculty, staff and other individuals regarding withdrawals, concerns, complaints, refund requests and "W" grade    requests.
.  Interpret university policies and procedures
.  Utilize university computer programs
.  Maintain records regarding relevant activities.
.  Perform other duties as assigned.


.  Must be accepted and enrolled in a graduate program or post-baccalaureate program, in good academic standing, and free of any social probation
.  Possess strong skills in communication, problem solving, and conflict resolution
.  Customer service experience