Welcome to the Earth, Environmental and Geographical Sciences Department at Northern Michigan University!

Susy ZieglerThe faculty and staff of our department are dedicated to helping our students achieve their goals at NMU while planning for the future. We believe in providing a broad, rigorous academic background that includes field experiences and hands-on learning opportunities. We offer thoughtful advising and mentoring to help students plan the best possible course of studies. The department offers a wide variety of courses ranging from introductory Environmental Science and Human Geography, to mid-level courses such as Soils and Geographic Information Science (GIS), to advanced courses including Biogeography, Environmental Impact Assessment, and Hydrology. We are excited about our newly redesigned majors that will prepare students for a wide range of careers. The four majors are Environmental Studies and Sustainability, Environmental Science, Earth Science, and Geomatics. We also offer minors that coordinate well with majors in other departments, and you might find an intriguing course that opens your eyes while satisfying a liberal studies requirement. The Upper Peninsula provides a beautiful and practical setting for learning about the environment.

We have several recent and ongoing community outreach opportunities and research initiatives that engage students. These projects include planning efforts in the Marquette area, natural and cultural resource surveys in the Upper Peninsula and elsewhere, GIS-based modeling of prehistoric Native American settlements along ancient shorelines in the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, monitoring atmosphere–biosphere interactions in the northern forest, and documenting urban sustainability in places as far away as Sweden. Every semester students in our department gain useful experience and new perspectives on work in environmental fields.  We assist students in finding and designing internship opportunities that may range from a formal, paid position with a federal or state agency, such as the Natural Resources Conservation Service, the National Park Service, or the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, to a volunteer position with a private company, an environmental consulting firm, or a non-profit organization. 

You may also find that one of our several clubs and organizations helps you learn and grow in ways you never imagined.

If you have any questions, please stop by the EEGS department office (3001 New Science Facility) if you are on campus.  You may also call us at (906) 227-2500 or e-mail at eegs@nmu.edu.  Here's to collaborative learning about our fascinating and ever changing world!


Dr. Susy S. Ziegler
Associate Professor and Department Head
Department of Earth, Environmental, and Geographical Sciences
Northern Michigan University