SugarloafAs a geography major at NMU, the world is your classroom. You’ll have the opportunity to discover your world from a variety of perspectives–whether it’s using geographic information systems to map Marquette County, observing weather and climate on the shore of Lake Superior or experiencing eco-tourism in Costa Rica. Unlike many universities where lower-division courses are taught by part-time faculty members or graduate students, all of our classes are taught by full-time faculty members. Because our class sizes are typically small (ranging from 20-40 students for classes above the 100 level), you’ll get personalized attention from professional faculty members who are dedicated to teaching.


The Earth, Environmental and Geographical Sciences Department offers six academic programs, so you can take your interest in geography in virtually any direction you choose. In addition, many of our programs are interdisciplinary and include partnerships with departments, such as biology, chemistry, political science and education, so you’ll be exposed to a broad range of specialties. Learn more about our majors and minors.

Get a Little Dirty

As many of our current students will probably tell you, the best thing about being an EEGS major is the field work. You might go on a camping trip to the Keweenaw Peninsula to study geologic formations or help the endangered Great Lakes Piping Plover. Perhaps you’d like to study abroad. Our professors have led field trips to Costa Rica, Ecuador, Scotland and Sweden, exposing students to the geography of other countries.

Have a Little Fun

Joining a student club or organization is a great way to meet people who share the same interests while also benefiting the community.

Life After NMU

These are just a few of the geography-related careers listed by the American Association of Geographers:

  • cartographer
  • climatologist
  • computer mapping specialist
  • ecologist
  • environmental scientist
  • geologist
  • GIS analyst
  • land surveyor
  • natural historian
  • remote sensing specialist
  • teacher
  • water resource specialist