Northern Fund

WinterfestThe Northern Fund is vital to continuing academic excellence at Northern Michigan University.

A Northern education is financed by four major sources of revenue:

  • state appropriation funds,
  • tuition and fees,
  • endowment income, and
  • annual gifts in support of academic and extracurricular programs.

The last of these – annual gifts - provides crucial funds for students, faculty and staff programs, new technology initiatives and student, faculty and staff development opportunities - all extracurricular activities beyond those financed by the university's general operating budget.

Without the support of alumni, parents and friends who give generously to the Northern Fund, we cannot maintain the margin of excellence for which Northern Michigan University is known.

Some of the programs the Northern Fund at NMU supports are the Washington Center internships, Student Leader Fellowships, and student travel, research, and scholarships.

To learn more about these programs click here.

The Northern Fund giving year is July 1 through June 30.