Current Scholarships

Schaefer/Myllyla Family Scholarship

Initially established in 2001 by the family and friends of Fred Schaefer, Margaret Schaefer and Wesley and Lempi Myllyla. The fund was endowed through annual gifts and an estate gift by June Schaefer. The scholarship will provide support to qualifying students majoring in Education, with preference to students pursuing a degree in English or Language Arts, followed bgy students pursuing a degree in Special Education.

2017 2018 - Varies
Class status:
Any grade or level
Financial need:
Prefer U.P.
Preference to Upper Peninsula high school graduate
Majors from any of the following departments (or areas)
Education, Leadership & Public Service, School of
Education with preference given as follows: First preference to student in English or Language Arts. Second preference to student in Special Education.

Information on applying for Donor-funded Scholarships can be found on the NMU Financial Aid Website under "Sources of Aid."