Other Awards

Title Eligibility Amount Number Awarded How to Apply Enrollment Requirements Renewal


Board of Trustees Grant


Awarded on the basis of financial
need to Pell Grant eligible students.


Up to $2,000 per year.


Unlimited. Awarded to all who meet criteria.


Submit FAFSA annually.


Must be enrolled half-time - 6 credit hours or more.


Based on annual FAFSA.

Maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress.


NMU ROTC Room/Board Scholarship


Awarded by Military Science to ROTC students living in one of nine traditional NMU resident halls.  Students living off-campus or in an on-campus apartment are not eligible.

Acceptance of the ROTC Room/Board Scholarship overrides eligibility for any other NMU funded scholarships/grants.


Amount not to exceed the value of a double occupancy room in the residence hall and the "constant pass" meal plan.


5 awards annually


Contact the NMU ROTC Program.


Full-time enrollment


Determined by Military Science.

Living in a NMU residence hall.

Maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress.

4 academic years maximum.


Michigan Army and Air National Guard Grant


Michigan resident and a member of the Michigan Army or Air National Guard and receiving Montgomery GI Bill benefits (Chapter 33, 30, 1606, or 1607).


45% of tuition and fees.  The total of all tuition assistance programs that a student receives may not exceed the tuition and fees cost of NMU.




Complete a Guard Grant Application at your Unit.  Your Unit representative must verify eligibility and then forward the application to the Financial Aid Office no later than the first day of classes each semester.


Must be admitted to a degree granting program, not in default on any prior student loans and maintain satisfactory academic progress at NMU.


Yes-Must submit an application to the Financial Aid Office no later than the first day of classes each semester.

Maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress.


Indian Tuition Waiver


Must be a legal resident of the state of Michigan for not less than 12 consecutive months, at least 1/4 or more Native American blood quantum and an enrolled member of a U.S. Federally recognized Tribe as certified by your Tribal Enrollment Department.  Additional information and requirements can be found here.


Full Tuition




Apply through the Michigan Civil Rights Commission click here.

Complete and submit the application to your Tribal Enrollment Department for certification.  Please include a copy of your driver's license and tribal enrollment card.


Degree Seeking



NMU Employee's Dependent Children Tuition Program













NMU employee's son, step-son, daughter, step-daughter or a legally adopted child who have not attained age 24 as of the close of the calendar year.  Additional requirements can be found at: http://webb.nmu.edu/hr)











Tuition only


















Online at NMU Employee's MyNMU (then click on the following tabs:  Employee Services, Web for Employees, Request Tuition Benefit)









Students who participate in this program are not eligible to receive additional University-funded scholarships or grants.  (University funded means any funds deposited at the University where the University makes the decision concerning the recipient.)