Meeting Minutes for November 18, 2004

Campus Master Plan Committee
Meeting Minutes
November 18, 2004

Present: Tom Meravi, Jim Thams, Mike Truscott, Carl Holm, Daryl Delongchamp, Bill Bernard, Tom Helgren, Joe Fransted, Paul Duby

Absent: Steve DeGoosh, Gavin Leach, Ken Chant

1. Minutes of September 9, 2004 were accepted as written.

2. Superior Dome Canopies

The committee was presented a project summary/site plan review for the proposed addition of canopies for the Superior Dome to reduce the build-up of on snow near the entry that creates both a maintenance and safety hazard.

Tom Meravi reviewed the need to address the problem and provided an overview of two studies conducted to review the reliability and safety of the existing roof system and provide a schematic architectural design to correct the problems. Schematic design includes removing the center dormer on the southwest entrance, relocating the existing doors currently under this dormer to the east and constructing a concrete foundation wall to match the existing foundation wall surrounding the building. Above the new foundation wall glass would be installed to allow natural light enter the building.

Suggestions and comments included:
a. Eliminating the green metal roof as shown where the dormer was removed.
b. Eliminating the proposed windows and carrying the roof down to the proposed foundation wall.
c. Removing the existing sidewalk in front of the new foundation wall and construct a small grassed sitting area.
d. Develop alternatives to what is proposed.

Post meeting follow up:
a. The metal roof as shown will not be installed. A material will be matching the existing roof.
b. The elimination of the new windows where the doors are being removed was reviewed with Superior Dome staff. Staff was concerned with loss of natural light in the main entry area so the windows remained.
c. The removal of the concrete walkway and replacing it with grass and benches in front of the new wall where the canopy is being removed was considered, but eliminated because of the need to get heavy equipment in the area to remove snow. A landscaped area would not be able to withstand the constant equipment traffic during the winter months.

a. Daryl Delongchamp provided an overview of a LEEDS presentation he participated in and provided a CD containing the presentation for people to review.

Minutes prepared by Engineering and Planning