Meeting Minutes for November 18, 2003

Campus Master Plan
Committee Meeting
November 18, 2003

Present: Tom Meravi, Carl Holm, Jim Thams, Michael Truscott, Paul Duby, Leonard Heldreth, Gavin Leach

Absent: Daryl Delongchamp, Ken Chant, Steve DeGoosh, Scott Seaman, Ed Niemi

Guests: Kathy Richards

1. Minutes of October 21, 2003, approved as written.

2. Site Plan Review- Student Apartments

As part of Phase 200 site plan review, Carl Holm provided an overview of the proposed student apartments. The new apartments will be a one three-story facility with common corridors. An elevation was provided for review.

Current capacity as presented is 190. The unit facility will be constructed with basement for Mechanical systems only with heat being provided by gas-fired boilers.

Overall cost is currently $109 a square foot. Carl has been working with the Architect to try and reduce construction costs. Carl is trying reducing debt service and operating cost for the new apartments.

General discussion took place regarding the current design and possible ways to reduce construction costs. Suggestions included: Increasing lease periods from 8 to 12 months, simplifying the building layout and reducing common space.

3. Lot 28

Jim Thams provided an overview of the design changes being recommended by Engineering and Planning for Lot 28 to help reduce construction cost. The new design will reduce capacity, but still be able to meet the demand of the surrounding facilities. Estimated cost saving: $300,000.

Good of the Order:

Gavin Leach suggested the committee review ways to help reduce facility maintenance costs through design. The committee will review at the next meeting.

Next Meeting is scheduled for: December 16, 2003, at 1:00 p.m. in Conference Room 132 of the Services Building.

Minutes prepared by Engineering and Planning