New Jamrich Hall



Planning for the Jamrich Hall Replacement project began in 2009 with the goal of “providing an efficient, state of the art facility that improves academic delivery, maximizes building use and reduces overall operational and maintenance costs.”

To achieve this goal Northern Michigan University performed a university-wide analysis of facility use for both academic and administrative spaces. This included not only analyzing classroom utilization, but also evaluating how well the campus classrooms met the emerging demands associated collaborative learning.

In addition to classroom and administrative space analysis the design team also looked for other opportunities to create efficiencies. One such opportunity was to the consider sizing the building’s chiller capacity to not only accommodate the load of the new building, but also the adjacent Learning Resource Center (LRC) building which has a failing chiller.

New Active Learning Classroom


The Building:

The new building is a 133,000 gross square feet state-of-the-art mixed use building with 24 high tech classrooms designed to support collaborative learning. This coupled with (7) informal learning spaces dispersed throughout the building and 4 academic departments located within the new facility will greatly improve the opportunity for faculty-to-student collaboration. In addition to meeting the current teaching pedagogues the building has been designed to be highly flexible and adaptable to changing technologies teaching methods.


One of two 450 ton chillers arrives on site.

LEED Design:

The project is registered with the USGBC and seeking “Silver” certification. Innovative designs elements include; incorporating high performance exterior building materials which exceed standards set forth in ASHRAE 90.1 to provide a thermally efficient building, interior space design that is bright and filled with lots of natural light, energy-conserving tactics to reduce the overall electric consumption over a ASHRAE 90.1 baseline by more than 20%, conservatively sizing ductwork and piping to reduce fan and pump horsepower, reducing air velocities in the air handling equipment to reduce fan horsepower.

The buildings cooling system is inter-connected to the existing site chilled water loop not only providing cooling capacity to replace the aging chiller in the LRC, but also provide redundancy for the New Science and West Science buildings.

Project Status:

Jamrich Hall was completed and open for classes in August 2014.

​NMU Project Manager: Jim Thams

Construction Manager: Miron Construction

Architect: Neumann Smith Inc.

Project Budget: $33.4 million

Project Period: Spring 2013 – August 2014


Typical Jamrich Hall Lecture Style Classroom


Large 500 Seat Lecture Hall


Department Reception Suite