Meeting Minutes for March 10, 2004

Campus Master Plan
Committee Meeting
March 10, 2004

Present: Tom Meravi, Carl Holm, Jim Thams, Michael Truscott, Paul Duby, Leonard Heldreth, Daryl Delongchamp, Scott Seaman, Sarah Brooks

Absent: Ken Chant, Steve DeGoosh, Ed Niemi, Gavin Leach

1. Minutes of November 18, 2003 were approved as written.

2. Review of Magers Hall Fa├žade
Carl Holm provided an overview of the different facade options presented by STS Consultants for Magers Hall. The preferred option is to replace the existing granite with sandstone. The new 3 story entryways will also have sandstone mixed between the glazing. Drawings were provided to each member.

General discussion took place regarding the different options and all felt the brick/sandstone combination was the best choice.

A motion was made by Paul Duby to approve the facade as presented. Motion was seconded and passed.

3. Future Student Apartments
Carl Holm provided an overview of the proposed student apartments. Currently, NMU has hired a consultant (the Scion Group from Chicago) to study the off-campus student housing market and the feasibility of constructing additional on-campus apartments.

A survey is being conducted to gather input from the student body. Current construction estimate is approximately $11.5 million.

4. Parking Lot 28
The re-construction of Lot 28 is scheduled to begin May 3, 2004 and complete by July 23, 2004. Once complete, construction will begin on Lot 62, which has a completion date of September 30, 2004.

Next Meeting: Mike Roy will be invited to a final meeting for the 2003/2004 academic year to provide an overview of current and future projects. Meeting date to be determined.

Minutes prepared by Engineering and Planning