Meeting Minutes for April 28, 2004

Campus Master Plan
Committee Meeting Minutes
April 28, 2004

Present: Jim Thams, Mike Truscott, Tom Meravi, Ken Chant, Paul Duby, Carl Holm, Leonard Heldreth, Scott Seaman

Absent: Steve DeGoosh, Daryl Delongchamp, Sarah Brooks

Guest: Mike Roy

1. Minutes of April 28, 2004 were accepted as written.

2. Mike Roy provided an overview of the East Campus Adaptive Reuse construction projects.

Student Services building, which includes the Reynolds Recital Hall, is scheduled to be complete July 23, 2004.

Thomas Fine Arts includes renovation of the 1st and 3rd floor, which includes faculty offices, new practice rooms and classrooms. The project is currently on schedule and phase I will be completed July 23, 2004.

The schedule for the Art and Design addition has been extended until October 1, 2004.

3. Projects in Design.

a. Cohodas- With the completion of the Student Services building the first four floors will be vacated and the remaining faculty in Magers Hall will move in and re-use the space. Minor renovations will be made to accommodate each department on a temporary basis. An extensive renovation to the building is being designed and will be submitted as NMU’s number one capitol outlay request. This will replace the LRC as the number one request due to the project approval climate with the State of Michigan. Currently, the State is tending to approve smaller projects in the 10 to 15 million-dollar range.

b. Magers Hall – Construction will begin in January to convert Magers from its current use, back to a residence hall. The project will be funded using monies from the Quad II renovation project and will be complete within 3 to 4 months.

c. New Apartments – A study is currently being conducted to review the need of the proposed student apartment. The study is to review cost vs. rent and the local housing market. The projected opening is fall 2006.

4. Other Projects

a. Heating Plant Renovations: The recent building expansions have increased the amount of square footage on campus; on the coldest days in the winter the heat plant boilers need to run at full capacity. If there were a failure with either boiler we would not be able to supply adequate steam to heat all building on campus. Total project cost is approximately 1-2 million dollars to replace the boilers and add a separate building to house electrical switchgear.

b. Bike Paths: Remains on project list, but not going anywhere.

5. Future Projects (Concepts)

a. Lee Hall-Investigating ideas that could generate revenue to make the facility self-supporting.

b. Carey Hall-Residence Hall – A Hospitality Inn may be an option. A University Hotel could be tied to an academic program.


a. Ed Niemi asked about furniture upgrades for Jamrich Hall. Mike Roy indicated that this is a maintenance issue, not a renovation issue and is trying to build deferred maintenance money into the base budget to do maintenance upgrades such as new furniture, painting and carpeting.

b. Paul Duby asked about the wireless internet coverage within the City. Currently, there are 16 antennas on Superior Dome and ADIT is working on other locations to improve our wireless coverage.

c. Tom Meravi asked how far the pedestrian boulevard would extend as part of the East Campus Adaptive Reuse project. The boulevard will extend from the Academic Mall to 7th street.

Good of the Order: None

Minutes prepared by Engineering and Planning