2008 Campus Master Plan Project

academic mallNorthern Michigan University's current campus master plan was developed and adopted by the Board of Trustees in early 1990s, which has helped guide campus development over the last decade. Many of the goals outlined in the plan have been achieved and various plan updates made to reflect these accomplishments. These accomplishments, coupled with the University's enrollment increases, technology changes, and program expansions, warrant a formal review of the plan to develop an updated guide for the next 10 to 15 years.

Progress on the update has been ongoing. JJR has made a number of trips to campus to meet with different campus interest groups, conduct open forums as well as inventorying and observing how our physical campus operates. Currently, design alternatives are being developed based on the input received to date. These alternatives are planned to be shared, discussed and refined throughout the fall semester.

Architect/Engineer: Johnson Johnson and Roy (JJR)
NMU Project Manager: Jim Thams
Project Budget: N/A
Square Footage: N/A
Schedule: Completed