Meeting Minutes for September 25, 2003

Campus Master Plan
Committee Meeting Minutes
September 25, 2003

Present: Ken Chant, Paul Duby, Tom Meravi, Carl Holm, Jim Thams, Michael Truscott, Leonard Heldreth, Gavin Leach

Absent: Andrew Becker, Steve DeGoosh, Ed Niemi, Scott Seaman, Daryl Delongchamp

Guests: Michael Roy, Kathy Richards

1. Minutes of April 24, 2003, were accepted as written.

2. Michael Roy – Current Design Projects

Michael Roy provided an overview of current design projects and possible construction schedules for each. He noted that each is very preliminary at this time.

a. Cohodas

The proposed renovation for Cohodas would include classroom space on the 1st and 2nd floors, new office space on the 3rd and 4th floor as well as renovation to a portion of the 6th floor for the consolidation of Dean’s offices.

The committee asked if parking would be adequate in Lot 12 and 13 to accommodate this change. Jim Thams indicated Engineering and Planning has begun to review parking in both lots.

b. University Center

The proposed renovations for the University Center will include changes in the Deans of Students area when vacated with the completion of the Student Services Building. This area will be renovated for Alumni and Development Fund offices.  Also, U.C. operations will move from the 2nd floor to the 1st floor and the game room area may be renovated for a future tenant.

c. Magers

With the completion of Whitman Hall and Student Services Magers Hall will be vacated and ready for conversion back to a residence hall. Current design will provide 270 beds and cost approximately $5.3 million.

d. Student Apartments

NMU is working with Integrated Designs on schematic design for new apartments between Schaffer and Tracey Avenue.  There are currently 3 different apartment layouts (two bedroom, one bedroom, & efficiencies).  Plans will be provided for review in the near future.

General discussion took place regarding the design projects, bonding and the current Capital Outlay request. Mike indicated that the currently the state is inclined to approve small capital outlay projects.  In anticipation of this, the University may make the Cohodas project the number one request.

3. Site Plan Review

Tom Meravi reviewed the site plan review form submitted by the committee to Michael Roy for approval this past spring. The form was approved and will be used for all projects reviewed by the committee. 

Good of the Order: None

Next Meeting is scheduled for: November 18, 2003, at 1:00 p.m. in Conference Room 132 of the Services Building.

Minutes prepared by Engineering and Planning