Meeting Minutes for October 21, 2003

Campus Master Plan
Committee Meeting Minutes
October 21, 2003

Present: Ken Chant, Tom Meravi, Carl Holm, Jim Thams, Michael Truscott, Leonard Heldreth, Gavin Leach, Steve DeGoosh, Scott Seaman, Ed Niemi

Absent:  Daryl Delongchamp, Paul Duby

Guests: Kathy Richards

1. The September 25, 2003 minutes reviewed and approved with one correction noted: Next meeting should have been October 21, 2003, not November 18, 2003.

2.  Phase 200/300 Site Plan Review
As part of the new site plan review process the committee was presented with two project review forms: Magers Hall and Cohodas.

Magers Hall:

            Carl Holm provided an overview on the current design process for Magers Hall. The shared plans were based on conceptual layouts provided by Bob Wakely from Wakely and Associates. STS is currently working on the design for the project. Changes include 2 different suite plans, facade changes to include glass towers near the stairwells to allow for natural light, mechanical/electrical systems upgraded and four different types of common/lounge space for each floor: a laundry lounge, kitchenette, casual lounge, T.V. and study lounge.

General discussion took place regarding the current design.  The committee raised the following questions:

 1. Are four different types of lounge space required?

a. Yes, each is for a different purpose

2. Have students reviewed the current plan?    

a. Yes, students have been involved.

3. What are other schools doing for additional housing?

a. There is not a common theme from school to school. Each does things a little bit different.

4. What color will the exterior window frames be?

a. Dark bronze.

4. Will Bike racks be included?

a. Yes, Carl Holm is currently reviewing.

5.         Have bike hangers mounted the exterior wall been considered?

a. No, but it may be possible to provide hangers near the entryways.


            Kathy Richards provided an overview of the schematic layout for Cohodas. The current plan includes renovation to the first, second, third, fourth and a portion of the sixth floor. The first will house both classroom and administrative activities. The second will be classroom only, with the third and fourth being faculty office space. A portion of the sixth floor will be renovated for to consolidate the Dean’s offices. Mechanical and electrical upgrades will occur in the basement and fifth floor.

General discussion took place regarding the current design.  The committee raised the following questions:

1. Are the same design standards being used for faculty offices that were used for West Science, New Science and Whitman Hall?

a. Yes they are.

2. There appears to be more office space than needed based on the number of employees in each department.

a. The layouts provided are preliminary and were developed prior to the Budget Alternative Committee recommendations.

3. Will parking be adequate to accommodate the change in use?

a. Engineering and Planning is currently reviewing. It appears the current parking may be short by 32 spaces.

4. Why do we need an additional stairwell?

a. The additional stair well is required by code to accommodate the increased occupancy created with the new classroom space on the second floor.

            1.  Current Project Update:

Quad II:

            The Quad II project is being delayed in light of the current budget announcement. Contractors have been notified and all plan sets are being returned to the University. At this point it is unclear when this project will proceed.

Good of the Order: None

Next Meeting is scheduled for:  November 18, 2003, at 1:00 p.m. in Conference Room 132 of the Services Building.

Minutes prepared by Engineering and Planning