Meeting Minutes for February 1, 2004

Campus Master Plan Committee
Meeting Minutes
February 1, 2005

Present: Jim Thams, Mike Truscott, Carl Holm, Bill Bernard, Tom Helgren

Absent: Steve DeGoosh, Gavin Leach, Ken Chant, Tom Meravi, Daryl Delongchamp, Joe Fransted, Paul Duby

1. Minutes of November 18, 2004 were accepted as written.

2. Project Review – 2005 Bond Issue
An overview of each project included in the 2005 bond issue was presented for committee review.

New Student Apartments, Magers Hall and Residence Halls
Carl Holm provided an overview of the new apartment complex. The committee reviewed the three floor plans and the current proposed site plan. The facility is a three-story, 300-bed complex with a combination of efficiency, 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom and 4 bedroom units. 304-onsite parking spaces will also be constructed to serve the facility. As presented the plan includes the closure of Schaffer Avenue. Jim Thams provided an overview of the legal process the University will be going through to close the street.

Carl Holm provided a summary of the renovation to Magers Hall. This project has been presented to the committee in the past and no design changes have occurred since last being presented. The project is scheduled to start February 28, 2005. The next residence hall to be renovated will be Meyland Hall. A portion of the exterior construction (roof and windows) will be constructed summer of 2005. The remainder of the construction will be completed summer 2006.

Superior Dome Canopies
The current design for the Superior Dome Canopy was reviewed, which included some of the comments from the November 18, 2004 meeting. Construction is scheduled for April 2005. Committee had no additional comments.

PEIF Ventilation
The PEIF ventilation project is intended to improve ventilation in the recreation gym and to reduce noise in the Vandement Arena. The existing system was part of the original building construction and needs to be updated to meet the needs of the new recreation gym. NMU is currently working on schematic design with Integrated Designs. Construction is scheduled to begin May 2005.

Steam Manholes
The steam manholes installed as part of the 1996 steam line replacement project are deteriorating and in some cases to the point of possible failure. Repairs to the manholes must be completed. Galvanized steel interior cribbing will be installed to provide structural re-enforcement to the manholes. The project will require an extended steam shutdown. Construction is scheduled to May 8 – 18, 2005.

Forest Roberts Theater
The dressing rooms, make up stations, shower and flooring will be upgraded as well as the rigging for the backdrop and lighting. Construction is scheduled to begin May 2005.

Ripley Heat Plant
Future upgrades to the Ripley Heat Plant include replacing two of the original boilers. One is 30,000 lbs and the other a 70,000 lbs gas/oil fired boilers. Both were installed during original (1960s) construction and will be replaced with two 70,000 lbs units.

Also, the electrical switchgear serving the campus electrical loops will be relocated from inside the existing plant to a separate building adjacent the existing building. This will help prevent an electrical loss in the event there is a problem with on the boilers inside the heat plant. Construction is scheduled for May 2006.

The university is also conducting a utility study to review the possibility of burning alternative fuel sources, such as wood or coal. If the possibility proves favorable the third boiler in the heat plant would be replaced with a unit capable of burning multiple solid fuels. Items that need to be considered are start-up costs, fuel supply, storage and cost savings. Updates will be provided as the study progresses.

3. Comments - None