Tom Hyslop MCTE Award

Thomas A. Hyslop, NMU Professor of English, received the MCTE Charles Carpenter Fries Award on October 5, 2007, at the annual conference of the Michigan Council of Teachers of English, held at the Sheraton in Lansing, Michigan. Several of us from NMU were there to see Tom receive his plaque, including Kia Jane Richmond, Mark Smith, Amber Kinonen, Bonnie Betzinger, and Michael Martin.

The award is given each year to a deserving educator who meets the following criteria:

  • Long and faithful service to the profession of English teaching.
  • Distinguished leadership not only in his or her own community but also at the state and/or national level.
  • Inspirational qualities for students and colleagues.
  • Originality in some form having his or her own special stamp or way.
  • Academic superiority.
  • Current member of MCTE.

Congratulations Dr. Hyslop!