Freshman Fellows Danielle Schafer and Olivia Crawford attended the National Conference of Undergraduate Research on April 11, 2013, to present their research on the relationship between the arts and ACT. They spent several months preparing for their presentation at this highly competitive conference (acceptance rate of 15%). Danielle and Olivia received IRB approval to conduct survey research of 500 Northern Michigan University undergraduates. They set up survey tables in common areas of the university and asked NMU students for the number of visual and performing arts classes that they took in high school and their highest ACT score. They coded data from the 500 surveys, analyzed the results, and created two posters based on their research. One poster was for the NMU’s Celebration of Student Research, Creative Works, and Academic Service Learning and the second poster was for National Conference of Undergraduate Research (NCUR).

Danielle and Olivia enjoyed the NCUR conference and benefited greatly from their professional research presentation experiences. The College of Health Sciences and Professional Studies, the Student Travel Fund Committee, and the Freshman Fellows Program supported Danielle and Olivia’s conference travel and registration. Their School of Education, Leadership and Public Service research mentor was Judith Puncochar.