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General Resources


  • Michigan Council on Economic Education Glossary
    Affiliated with the National Council on Economic Education, MCEE is pat of a network of state councils and university-based centers promoting economic literacy. The National Council is recognized throughout the U.S. and the world as the premiere source of teacher training, educational materials, and curriculum reform in economic education.
  • National Council on Economic Education's Terms for Capstone - High School Exemplary Lessons
    All of us who have worked on this revision of Capstone hope that it will provide a reliable and even inspirational set of curriculum materials on which high school teachers can build as they seek to open their students' minds to the insights and empowerment that the study of economics offers.
  • AmosWEB GLOSS*arama
    The AmosWEB GLOSS*arama is a searchable database of 2000 economic terms and concepts. GLOSS*arama entries range from A ("a" -- the vertical intercept of a straight line) to Z ("zoning" -- legal restrictions on the location of an activity).

Content Standards and Benchmarks

  • Welcome to Michigan's K-12 Curriculum and Standards web page
    Michigan's content standards are a set of learning expectations developed by parents, educators, business leaders and university professors to assist schools in the development of local district curricula.
  • National Standards for Business Education
    The revised and updated National Standards for Business Education state what all K–14 students should know and be able to do in business.
  • National Content Standards for Entrepreneurship Education
    This Toolkit for the National Content Standards for Entrepreneurship Education is designed to give you the standards and Performance Indicators framework necessary for developing curriculum for entrepreneurship programs as a lifelong learning process.
  • National Standards in Economics
    We are redoubling our efforts to reach America's teachers — because investing in teachers has proven to be the most effective way to get into the heads and hands of the nation's young people.
  • Passive Policies for Entrepreneurs
    Entrepreneurial activity is vital for economic growth. Policy-makers and community development leaders recognize this fact and often pursue various active policies to encourage entrepreneurship and small business.

Citation Guidelines

Online Material for Purchase

  • Core Four®
    CORE FOUR® Business Planning Course is an invaluable tool for planning a business that meets the personal and professional goals of any business owner.
  • EconAround Bingo©  Vocabulary Game
  • KidsEcon Posters© Bingo Game
    This game has the students competing against themselves and others to earn the biggest profit in 25 days time (approximately 15 minutes computer time).
  • KidsEcon Posters© Activity Cards
    If you're looking for an effective - and motivating - way to reinforce the 22 KidsEcon Posters economic concepts, then the new KidsEcon Posters© Activity Cards are for you!
  • Play Dough Economics
    The NCEE Store contains the same great publications that you'll find in our catalog as well as additional information on each of the publications.
  • National Council on Economic Education - Entrepreneurship
    We are redoubling our efforts to reach America's teachers - because investing in teachers has proven to be the most effective way to get into the heads and hands of the nation's young people.
  • 6 Core Economic Principles
    The 6 Core Economic Principles represent six powerful ideas that explain the economic behavior of people.
  • 22 KidsEcon Posters©
    here are 22 KidsEcon Posters© (KEP). Each colorful, professional quality poster is 12.5 X 18 inches. The posters are available in one complete set of 22 posters or in two sets of 11 posters. There is a one-page Teacher's Guide for each poster.