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Marketplace Economics and Entrepreneurship
Trainer's Manual

Materials to Train the MEE Trainers and Teachers
  • The Eight Strands of the Successful Teaching and Implementation of Marketplace Economics and Entrepreneurship (MEE):
  1. Place students along the MEE learning curve and identify the traits of strong entrepreneurs
    Entrepreneurship Survey
    Test of Economic Knowledge
  2. Glossary of terms
    Entrepreneurship and Marketplace Economics Terms
    Michigan Council on Economic Education: glossary of terms
  3. Explore business options and begin to develop a strategic business plan
      -  Youth business ideas
    -   School stores
  4. Community outreach plans
  5. Develop a comprehensive understanding of the business and consumer marketplace
  6. Define cash and operational plans
  7. Compete in the fierce marketplace -- school business or students compete for local consumers' dollars
  8. Invest a fraction of the positive net profits realized in the future of the program, classroom, a scholarly expedition, school or community
  • Summary and Future Plans
Trainer Tests

TRAINER PRE-TEST is at: maresa.k12.mi.us/surveys/trainers-pre.htm
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TRAINER POST-TEST is at: maresa.k12.mi.us/surveys/trainers-post.htm
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Student Tests

(Receive approval to use these tests by contacting Bob Koehs, MARESA)

STUDENT PRE-TEST is at: http://maresa.k12.mi.us/surveys/students-pre.htm
User Name is: epreneur
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STUDENT POST-TEST is at: maresa.k12.mi.us/surveys/students-post.htm
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