News for NMU Employees

Staff Hires

Kim Barron, director-institutional accreditation and assessment (SA) in Institutional Research.

Beyonca Gravedoni, buildings and grounds attendant in Plant Operations.

William Hill, assistant men’s basketball coach in Intercollegiate Athletics and Recreational Sports.

Cheryl Oliver, food service worker I in Dining Services.  

Myra Zyburt, food service worker I in Dining Services.


Staff Promotions 

Kristi Harvala, administrative assistant (AP) in Mathematics/Computer Science.

Rebecca Tervo, to business manager (SA) in the NMU Foundation.


Staff Transfers

Jeri Borlace, senior secretary (4C) in Nursing.


Leadership Appointments (Department Heads, Administration, etc.)

Some of the following are continuing/renewal appointments:

Marie Aho (Counseling and Consultation Services)

Chunju Chen (Planning and Assessment, Institutional Research)

David Lucas (Physics)

LTC John McLaughlin (Military Science), new commander of the NMU Wildcat Battalion

Charles Mesloh (Criminal Justice)

Mark Paulsen (Chemistry)

Leslie Warren (Academic Information Services)

Carter Wilson (Political Science)

Susy Ziegler (Earth, Environmental and Geographical Sciences)


Faculty Appointments, Tenure and Promotions

The NMU Board of Trustees approved the following new tenure-track appointments at the assistant professor rank:

John Billman (English)

Abby Cameron-Standerford (School of Education)

Brandon Canfield (Chemistry)

Joshua Carlson (Psychology)

Norma Froelich (Earth, Environmental and Geographic Sciences)

Yuba Gautam (Health and Human Performance)

David Gomillion (College of Business)

Nathaniel Greenberg (English)

Jacqueline Medina (Health and Human Performance)


The following faculty members were granted tenure:

Tara Foster (Modern Languages and Literatures)

Michael Letts (School of Art and Design)

April Lindala (English)

Erich Ottem (Biology)

Melissa Romero (School of Nursing)


Faculty member promoted to the rank of assistant professor:

Amy Orf (Modern Languages and Literatures)


The NMU board promoted the following to associate professor:

Linda Lawton (Mathematics/Computer Science)

Michael Letts (School of Art and Design)

April Lindala (English)

Lori Nelson (Clinical Sciences)

Erich Ottem (Biology)

Deborah Pearce (Technology and Applied Sciences)

Melissa Romero (School of Nursing)


The NMU board promoted the following to full professor:

Stephen Burn (English)

Mary Freier (Academic Information Services)

Julie Higbie (School of Nursing)

Frankie McCormick (Chemistry)

Kia Jane Richmond (English)

Julie Rochester (Health and Human Performance)

Michael Rudisill (Engineering Technology)

Qinghong Zhang (Mathematics/Computer Science)