News for NMU Employees


Reassigned Time, Research Grants Awarded


The Faculty Grants Committee has awarded faculty members reassigned time and research grants for their research and scholarship in the upcoming year. Eleven faculty members received reassigned time and 11 received research grant money. This program provides financial support for faculty research projects, scholarly activities, papers for publications and creative works.


The faculty members who received reassigned time and their research titles are:


Anthony Aumann (Philosophy), “Self-Love and Neighbor-Love in KierkGaard’s Ethics”


Matt Bell (English), “The Zone: A Novel”


Matthew Gavin Frank (English), “The Oaxaca Essays”  


Mary (Mollie) Freier (Library – AIS), “The Setting of the Library in Detective Fiction”


Kurt Galbreath (Biology), “Enhancing NMU’s Biological Collections as Resources for Biodiversity Research and Teaching”


Marek Haltof (English), “Screening Auschwitz: Wanda Jakubowska’s The Last Stage (1948) and the Politics of Commemoration


Michael Kowalczyk (Math and Computer Science), “A Move Towards a Better Comprehension of Holant Problems”


Adam Prus (Psychology), “NIH Grant Proposal to Study Treatments for Anxiety Disorders”


Martin Reinhardt (Center for Native American Studies), “Decolonizing Diet Project Analysis and Report Phase Support”


Rebecca Ulland (Modern Languages and Literatures), “Daughter of Silence by Manuela Fingueret and the Recuperation of the Jewish Voice”


Qinghong Zhang (Math and Computer Science), “Geometry and Duality in Coposive Optimization”



The faculty members who received a faculty research grant, their research titles are, and amount awarded are:


John Anderton (Earth, Environmental and Geographical Science), “20MQ140, The Goose Lake Outlet #3 Site: Archeological Analysis of Cultural Remains,” $6,200.


Scott Demel (Sociology, Social Work and Anthropology), “Beaver Island Ethno-Historical Archival Research,” $2,258.85.


Kurt Galbreath (Biology), “Diversity and Biogeography of Northern Michigan’s Mammals and their Parasites,” $6,993.


Lesley Larkin (English), “Reading Race and Modern African American Literature,” $5,033.


Jill Leonard (Biology), “Linking Metabolic Physiology to Movement Behavior in Brook Trout,” $7,000.


Michael Loukinen (Sociology, Social Work and Anthropology), “Winona, A Ghost Town Documentary,” $6,728.


Rebecca Mead (History), “Hiding in Plain Sight,” $6,884.


Erich Ottem (Biology), “Investigating the Influence of Exercise on the Neuroendocrine Regulation of Feeding Behavior in Mice on a High Fat Diet,” $6,876. 


Josh Sharp (Biology), “Polynuceotide Phosphorolase in the Opportunistic Pathogen Psudomonas Aeuriginosa: Essential Gene or Virulence Regulator?” $6,985.


Alan Scot Willis (History), “Contesting the Narrative: Teaching African American Baptist Youth A Different American History,” $3,414.15.


Renxin Yang (Sociology, Social Work and Anthropology), “Poetry Collection: The Native Spirit,” $7,000.