Executive Board

The Executive Board of the Associated Students of Northern Michigan University is comprised of four members including the President, Vice President, Treasurer, and the Chair of the Assembly.  The Executive Board is in charge of providing leadership and ensuring the financial stability of ASNMU.

The President

The President is the Chief Executive Officer of the student government and speaks on behalf of the students.  The President’s powers include signing or vetoing resolutions passed by the General Assembly, calling an assembly of the student body and determining the schedule of elections.

More generally, the President is an advocate for the students’ voice. The President of ASNMU is a full-voting member of the University’s President’s Council and presents student updates to the NMU Board of Trustees.

The Vice President

The Vice President serves to assist the President in the fulfillment of his or her duties when needed. The Vice President is also the Chair of the Appointments Committee, which is responsible for filling vacant positions within ASNMU. The Vice President oversees the committees within ASNMU and holds the responsibility of filling these committees with members. Every Representative is responsible for holding a seat on at least one committee.

The Treasurer

The Treasurer of ASNMU is responsible for monitoring and maintaining ASNMU’s finances. The treasurer also serves as the Chair of the Student Finance Committee which allocates money to student organizations.