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School of Art and Design

The NMU School of Art and Design offers an art school experience at an affordable liberal arts education price. Our programs prepare students for the professional fields of art,design, art history, and education, with a broad knowledge of visual concepts, social issues, safety procedures, facilities and equipment for designing and producing art. Four bachelor’s programs and one associate degree are offered. Art and design BFA, BA and BS majors will choose one of 13 areas of studio concentration.

Experience learning

Whether creating a video in the digital green screen room; designing websites in our state-of-the-art computer labs (or on your NMU-issued MacBook®); or matting and mounting your latest artworks, hands-on is what it’s all about. Not only will you be immersed in every aspect of your concentration, you’ll also participate in individual art reviews with the entire art and design faculty, providing valuable input and interaction.

Career excellence 

NMU’s art and design majors have the experience and knowledge to successfully compete in the job market throughout the world. Our graduates are in careers ranging from art directors to art teachers and are employed as photographers, comic book artists, blacksmiths and graphic designers, to name just a few. Many have also initiated their own businesses.

There are two art galleries on campus: the <a href="http://art.nmu.edu/sag/">Student Art Gallery</a> in the University Center and the <a href="www.nmu.edu/devos">DeVos Art Museum</a>, which is located in the art building. All College of Art and Design students pay a little extra in tuition and fees to receive a MacBook. This allows students to have the softwares necessary for professional development.You won

Degrees Offered

What you'll do at NMU

Maybe you’ll get involved in running or displaying your work at the student art gallery on campus, showcase non-mainstream cinema with the Gonzo Media Film Series, or organize community art projects with the Art Students League. Why not travel abroad in the European Design Culture course? Or show off your skills in the annual Photoshop Wars? With access to an enormous library of books, magazines and slides, visiting artists, and specialized equipment and workshops you’ll never lack inspiration or an exciting new project or experience. You’ll also have the personal attention and support of talented, caring teachers every step of the way.

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