Wildcat Innovation Fund Award Recipients

Submission Date Name(s) Project Title
1/9/2009 Joe Lubig
Derek Anderson
Young Wildcat Scholars
  Kevin Foley Exploration and Considerations of a Post-Baccalaureate Certification Masters Program in CLS
3/6/2009 Michael Broadway
Mitchell Klett
Judith Puncochar
Extension of NMU's Freshman Fellow Program for Undergraduate Research
  Marcelo Siles
Z.Z. Lehmberg
John Mallo
Asia Initiative
  Eric Smith
Matthew Smock
Course Technology Innovation Project (CTIP)
5/8/2009 Suzanne Williams
Jill Leonard
Center for Ecological Studies Feasibility Project
  April Lindala
Adriana Greci Green
College Prep Medicine Wheel Academy
10/1/2009 Rob Lion
Ray Amtmann
College of Business Entrepreneurial Academy
11/12/2009 Pat Brown
Alec Lindsay
Developing a Coordinated Environmental Summer Program at NMU
  Pat Brown
Jill Leonard
Creating Formal Linkages between the NMU Biology Department and New Academic Partners
  Maya Sen
R. Ulland
R. Watry
Enhancing the Gender Studies Minor
  Kia Richmond
Z.Z. Lehmberg
Tom Rich
Basic Composition Workshop Tutoring Initiative
211/2010 Dale Kapla
Greg Warchol
Exploring your Federal Employment Path:  Freshman Experience in Washington, D.C.
  Deborah Pearce Challenge Mountain Chef's Challenge
  Andrew Smentkowski Increasing Research Funding at NMU
3/25/2010 Cindy Paavola The Elite Six Communication Team Internship Program
  Dan Truckey
John Anderton
Russ Magnaghi
Marcus Robyns
Upper Peninsula Heritage Trail Network
  Dave Bonsall
Tawni Ferrarini
The Wildcat Market
  Marcelo Siles
Dave Bonsall
Rachel Harris
Jon Barch
Rehema Clarken
Miriam Moeller
Student Volunteer Abroad Program Development
  Patrick Brown
Ray Ventre
Professional Development Opportunities for NMU Students Pursuing Graduate Studies
  Marcelo Siles
Carol Steinhaus
Creating a Buddy Program for Incoming International Students
  Ray Ventre
Tim Compton
Rehema Clarken
English as a Minor in a Foreign Language
9/24/2010 Rob Lion The College of Business Passport Program
  Amy Hubinger The Discovery Initiative Program
  Gerri Daniels
Shirley Brozzo
Publication for Minority Student Recruitment
11/5/2010 Marcus Robyns Historical Records Digitization (pending)
  Melissa Matuscak Conservation of the NMU Permanent Art Collection
  Shravan Rajagopal Typographic History and Practice:  The Letterpress
  Jesse Ross National Association of Home Builders Residential Construction Management Competition
2/4/2011 Russ Magnaghi UP Journal:  Annual Journal of the Center for UP Studies
  Laura Soldner 2011 Writing Across the Peninsula Conference Scholarships
  Z.Z. Lehmberg Online Writing Center:  Interactive Database for Students, Tutors and Faculty
  Michael Martin
Jack Gumaer
Renewable Energy Powered Laptop Computers at NMU
3/18/2011 Michael Andary Leveraging the Strengths of NMU and Marquette to Recruit Students across the Region
  Gerri Daniels
Dan Truckey
U.P. Visiting Scholar Program
  Ron Sundell Community and Environmental Ed Program
10/19/2012 Ansley Valentine
Victor Holliday
Forest Roberts Theatre for Young Audiences Tour
  Katy Morrison Academic Videos for the NMU Undeclared Program and Student Outreach/Recruitment
  Peter Goodrich Bridge to NMU Seminar for International Studies
10/18/2013 Michael Broadway
Gerri Daniels
Student Recruitment through Pre-College Programming
  George Wilson
Trent Batchelor
Analysis of Demand and Design for a Masters of Accounting Program
10/17/2014 Megan DelBello Student Outreach and Recruitment for the Jacobetti Complex Programs at NMU
  Stephan Larson Computer Art:  Classroom Integrated Motion Capture Initiative