Julie Rochester (HPER) was recognized with two honors at the annual Great Lakes Athletic Trainers Association meeting in Chicago. She received the GLATA Dedicated Service Award and she was an honoree for "Paving the Way: Celebrating 40 Years of Women in Athletic Training."

James Camerius (College of Business) received the Philip Fisher Distinguished Service Award from the Society for Case Research at its recent convention in Chicago. The award is given annually to the person who has served SCR with distinction. Camerius is a marketing professor. He joined the faculty in 1963. In addition to his involvement with SCR, he is active in the North American Case Research Association and serves as case colloquium and workshop director for the World Association for Case Method Research and Application.

Carl Wozniak (Education) received a 2007 Distinguished Service Award from the National Earth Science Teachers Association. The award honors officers and volunteers who provide dedicated service to the organization. Wozniak was responsible for establishing, developing, and hosting the original NESTA web site. NESTA is a nonprofit educational organization, founded in 1983, whose purpose is the advancement, stimulation, extension, improvement and coordination of earth science education at all levels.        

Ten Academic Service Learning Action Grants of up to $500 were awarded to NMU faculty for the winter 2007 semester. Grant funding was provided by the Office of the Provost. Recipients and projects were:

  • Dwight Brady’s (CAPS) mass media and society class contacted congressional offices and a variety of media institutions and monitored media activity to learn about media agenda-setting.
  • Crystallee Crain’s (Sociology) introduction to sociology class is created an independent social awareness project to figure out how to spread a message about a social issue, culture or sociological idea.
  • Charles Ganzert’s ((CAPS) advanced audio production class will planed, recorded, edited and mixed a live music and interview radio program for Public Radio 90.
  • Stephan Larson’s (Art and Design) electronic imaging class planned, designed and built an animation about brain development that will be used in conjunction with an exhibit at the U.P. Children’s Museum.
  • Robert Legg’s (Geography) computer cartography class worked with the Marquette City police department to provide cartographic tools for additional planning within the Marquette City police department and within Marquette.
  • Judith Puncochar’s (Education) teaching and learning in the secondary classroom course worked with Lake Superior Village to provide opportunities for after school programs, which enrich the lives of community middle school students.
  • Kia Richmond’s (English) methods and materials of teaching English class worked with Armada High School to learn how to design lesson plans and assessment tools that challenge students while meeting Michigan English language arts standards.
  • Carol Steinhaus’ (Business) teamwork: sled dogs and Noquemanon class worked with the U.P. Sled Dog Association or Noquemanon Ski Race Association to relate the experience with their management course.
  • Ronald Sundell’s (Geography) environmental restoration and management class is working with the U.S. Forest Service, the Superior Watershed Partnership and the Nature Conservancy to learn about the environmental management of watersheds.
  • Gloria Urban's (Criminal Justice) community relations and crime prevention class planned and implemented a series of community gatherings at K.I. Sawyer to address issues related to crime prevention and police-community relations.


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