Frequently Asked Questions

What is a purchase requisition?
A purchase requisition is a form that is used to submit a request to procure goods and services in excess of $2,500. It is necessary for you to give detailed information regarding your request on this form such as quantity, manufacturer, part number, description, estimated price, suggested vendor, etc. It is also necessary to list the account number(s) to be charged for the purchase and have the account financial manager sign the requisition.

Purchasing card vs. purchasing order; why one or the other?
The purchasing card provides instant payment to vendors for small dollar purchases and should be used whenever possible. It will also expedite the ordering process. A purchase order should only be requested when the purchase total is over $2,500.

What is a purchase order and why do I need one?
A purchase order (PO) is a legal document consummating a purchase, which acts as a contract when accepted by the vendor and that states the terms and conditions of the desired purchase. NMU Purchasing is the only department authorized to distribute purchase orders.

Why can’t I submit a purchase requisition for purchases under $2,500 instead of using my purchasing card?
There are large costs to the university in processing requisitions/PO’s/invoices and checks. This includes data entry, printing, mailing and reconciliation tasks, etc. For this reason, the most economical method of payment is use of the purchasing card. If for some reason a credit card is not accepted by a vendor, a check request should be issued for the purchase.

When is a competitive bid required and how long will it take?
Purchases over $10,000 are required to be competitively bid utilizing a faxed bid response that usually takes from two days to one week. Construction projects and all other bids over $20,000 are to be competitively bid using the sealed bid process and this process takes a minimum of two weeks.

How do I dispose of surplus equipment no longer required by our department?
All surplus equipment requests can be made by visiting Printing Service’s online ordering system and clicking on warehouse request:!/Storefront

I received a package that doesn’t belong to our department, what should I do?
Please contact the warehouse at 227-2749 and request a pick up.

Purchasing Card

What are my credit card limits?
Check your copy of the credit card application form that was e-mailed/sent to you or call the Purchasing Department at 227-2360.

Why has my card been declined?
There could be a variety of reasons. Your single transaction/monthly limit has been exceeded; the (merchant category code (MCC) has been blocked, incorrect expiration date, etc. Call the 800-number on the back of your Bank of America card for clarification of the decline and follow up with the Purchasing Department, if necessary.

A fraud charge has appeared on my credit card statement.
Immediately report the fraudulent charges by calling the 800-number listed on the back of the credit card. Bank of America will provide instructions on how to proceed. It is critical that you complete and return the affidavit (or any other paperwork) per their instructions.

When I called Bank of America, they asked me for my verification ID.
The verification ID starts with a 9 followed by your 8 digit IN number (which is NOT your Social Security number).

How do I get online access to my card?
Contact the Purchasing Department to request on-line access.