Lin Fang


Office: New Science Facility 1129

Ph.D., Ghent University


After completing her PhD in Psychology at Ghent University, Lin is now working as a postdoctoral researcher at the Cognitive x Affective Behavior & integrative Neuroscience (CABIN) Lab. Her research interests mainly focus on cognitive vulnerabilities to depression and anxiety, from (1) laboratory perspective: such as the interaction between cognition and emotion in depression and anxiety, and information processing in rumination; (2) naturalistic perspective: such as the effectiveness and underlying mechanism of cognitive bias modification in depression and anxiety; dynamic patterns of affect and emotion regulation in daily life. Lin is currently conducting a research project, which is funded by NIMH to Dr. Joshua Carlson, concerning the neuroplasticity in an extended Amygdala network as a target mechanism for attentional bias. In her spare time, she enjoys playing Ping Pong, jogging, yoga, traveling, and listening to music.