Master of Science In Applied Behavior Analysis

The Master's in Applied Behavior Analysis is a two year on-campus program. In your first year, you’ll start with classroom learning, preparing to work in the field. After that, you’ll spend 750 hours over the summer in an internship, gaining real-world experience, which can be done in your hometown. In your last year, you’ll do research, a final project or a thesis, giving you the flexibility you may need as a working professional furthering your education.

Upon graduating, you will be prepared for certification by the Behavior Analysis Certification Board. You’ll be ready to work as an applied behavior analyst, helping to affect behavior change in a variety of populations, such as those with autism or learning challenges, or help improve lifestyles or work performance.

This program is a good fit for students who like

  • Studying psychology or social work
  • Working with people who have disabilities
  • Helping people

This Program Works With You

With the availability of online classes and the ability to complete an internship over the summer at an institution of your choosing, this degree offers flexible learning if you’re already working and want to return to school or if you’re going straight from your undergraduate degree into graduate coursework.

Whether you’re a social worker or special education teacher looking to better your credentials or a psychologist looking to focus your work on this field, Northern’s program gives you the flexibility you need to get where you’re going.

What To Expect With This Program

With a maximum of 30 students in the program, you know you’ll get that oft-touted one-on-one time with your professors, ensuring a quality experience and thorough education. This program is also the first of its kind in the Upper Peninsula, where demand is especially high for behavior analysts.

Program tools: As you complete your coursework, a large component will include working in clinical settings. With this type of program, it’s not enough to read about behavioral disorders. You’ll need to know how to work with people with these types of disabilities to be fully prepared for the field you’ll enter upon graduation. That’s an experience you’ll get at Northern.

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