SPBAC - Expectations and Campus Communication

The following Expectations and Communication with Campus were agreed upon by the members of the Strategic Planning and Budgeting Advisory Committee at its April 6, 2016 meeting.


  • All members have equal voices
  • All members are entitled to full and free discussion of issues
  • Members must not attack or question the motives of other members
  • Respect subcommittee product
  • Be prepared
  • Don’t interrupt speakers
  • Comfortable environment that supports basic needs for pie
  • Stay on task
  • Own your role to be a conduit of information and ideas
  • Celebrate our successes
  • Have fun
  • Stay focused on practical solutions that can make positive change
  • Accommodate different communication and learning styles
  • Build time for thoughtful reflection
  • Do not make laptop use/cell phone use a distraction

Communication with Campus

  • Gallery for observers
  • Agenda shared with campus in advance
    • Not the Share site (except as repository)
    • Announcement in Connect
  • Forum/town hall, depending on topic and nature of conversation
  • Consciously including those who don’t have regular access to computers
  • Posted meeting schedule (year in advance)
  • Students may appreciate video (1 or 2 as examples of process, then continue with minutes); MediaSite recordings
  • Limit videos so that it doesn’t inhibit conversation or brainstorming
  • Minutes
  • Email address designated for this committee so that comments can be directed to committee (to co-chairs)
  • Clear communication of context (e.g., debate and vetting of issues, not final decisions)
  • Human opportunities to introduce committee to campus – ambassador
    • Ambassador invitation
  • Share list of committee members (will be listed on Strategic Planning website)