Faculty and Staff

Carter Wilson headshot

Carter Wilson

Department Head and Professor

Office 235 Gries Hall
Phone: 906-227-1502
Email: carwilso@nmu.edu
Interests: Public Policy, Civil Rights Policy, Economic Policy, and Public Administration

  • Ph.D., Wayne State University
  • M.A., Wayne State University
  • B.A. Wayne State University
Jonathan Allen headshot

Jonathan Allen

Associate Professor
Office: 258 Gries Hall
Phone: 906-227-1815
E-mail: jonallen@nmu.edu
Interests: Introduction of Political Science, Political Theory and Politics, and Film

  • Ph.D., M.A., Princeton University
  • M.A., McGill University
  • M.A., B.A., Rand Afrikaans University
  • B.A., Stellenbosch University
William Ball headshot

William Ball

Office: 259 Gries Hall
Phone: 906-227-1821
E-mail: wball@nmu.edu
Interests: Introduction to Political Science, Comparative Politics, and International Relations

  • Ph.D., Northern Illinois University
  • M.A., Northeastern Illinois University
  • B.S., Southern Illinois University
headshot of Brian Cherry

Brian D. Cherry


Office: 260 Gries Hall
Phone: 906-227-1823
Email: bcherry@nmu.edu
Interests: Higher Education Policy, State and Local Government, and Public Administration

  • Ph.D., Indiana State University
  • MPA, Indiana State University
  • B.S. University of Southern Indiana

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Lara Clisch

Principal Secretary
Office: 200A Gries Hall
Phone: 906-227-2019
E-mail: lclisch@nmu.edu

Steve Nelson

Internship Director

Office: 261 Gries Hall
Phone: 906-227-2182
E-mail: stnelson@nmu.edu
Interests: American Government, Introduction to Law, and Research Methods.

  • Ph.D., University of Iowa
  • J.D., University of Iowa
  • B.A., University of Iowa


Ruth Watry

Director, Paralegal Studies

Office: 262 Gries Hall
Phone: 906-227-1824
E-mail: rwatry@nmu.edu
Interests: American Government, Constitutional Law, and Women and Politics.

  • Ph.D., University of Delaware
  • M.A., Washington University
  • MBA, University of New Mexico
  • B.A., Mankato State University