Academic Honesty - Students have an obligation to abide by accepted standards of academic honesty, which dictate that all scholastic work shall be original in nature. Procedures and penalties pertaining to academic dishonesty are outlined in the NMU Student Handbook.

AdvisingAll degree-seeking Northern Michigan University students, regardless of how or where they take their courses, are assigned an academic adviser to help guide them through their degree programs.  Students are encouraged to "meet" with their advisers regularly, although only first-year students, varsity and United States Olympic Education Center athletes and students on academic probation are required to do so. 

  • How do you, as an online student, meet with your adviser?  Most of your advising takes place via e-mail and the phone.
  • NMU's online orientation provides you with your adviser's name and e-mail address.  You can also find the information on Northern's student portal, MyNMU. Follow these steps:
    • Log into MyNMU.
    • Click the Academic Services tab.
    • Click Student Services
    • Click Student Record - General Information
    • Select the term.
    • Click Go.
    • Scroll down to the Primary Advisor field.
  • It is your responsibility to make contact with your adviser; he or she will not necessarily contact you first (although some advisers electronically communicate with their advisees on a regular basis).  You can look up the contact information for your adviser at NMU People Search.

  • You can also use NMU's virtual adviser.  E-mail your questions about advisers and being advised to the virtual adviser and you should receive a response within three business days.  Another good resource is the Frequently Asked Questions section of the virtual adviser Web site.

Online Course Preparation - All students enrolled in an online course must have completed the Online Course Preparation Tutorial prior to accessing the course for the first time. 
The tutorial is a self-paced module in NMU EduCat™ that provides information about the strategies, tools, and technology needed to be a successful online learner at Northern Michigan University.  Depending on your previous experience with online courses and your pace moving through the tutorial’s activities, it will typically take between one and three hours to complete. The tutorial is a one-time requirement.

After completing it, you will gain access to all of your currently ongoing online courses within 10 minutes, and you will not be prompted to complete it again in future semesters. To access the tutorial, please log in to EduCat. If you have questions about accessing the tutorial, please contact the Computing Help Desk.