Q: What is Forensic Anthropology?

A: Forensic Anthropology is the application of methods and theory from physical anthropology to legal matters. Forensic anthropology combines skeletal biology, histology, trauma analysis, taphonomy, and archaeology to assist the medicolegal and law enforcement communities in death investigations.


Q: What is Forensic Taphonomy?

A: Forensic Taphonomy is the study of everything that affects a body after death. Included in this science are the factors that affect decomposition (insect activity, scavenger activity, heat, moisture, etc.) and factors that affect the body long after the soft tissue has decomposed.


Q: May I visit the FROST facility?

A: Tours of the FROST facility are prohibited. This is out of respect to our donors and their families and to maintain the integrity of our research program and the security of our facility.