News for NMU Employees


Judith Puncochar (Education) published an article titled “Observations on leadership, problem solving, and preferred futures of universities in Education Leadership Review, 14(1), 29-36.

Jill Leonard (Biology) was quoted in a news story titled “New Study Questions River Sand Trap Strategy.” The article contends that sand traps—constructed worldwide in an attempt to save fish populations hurt by excessive sand in freshwater streams—might actually harm river ecosystems and “be more like fish coffins than protectors.” The story was written by a correspondent with the Capital News Service at Michigan State University and also appeared in Great Lakes Echo. Leonard said many Michigan riverbeds are already sandy and have become more so through logging, lack of vegetation and improper use. She said sand traps require maintenance, for which there isn’t funding. Leonard also said habitat modifications, though well-intentioned, may work in one stream but not another.