News for NMU Employees


Christi Edge, Abby Cameron-Standerford, Bethney Bergh, Suzanne Standerford, Laura Reissner and Sandra Imdieke (Education, Leadership and Public Service) gave a research panel presentation of a paper they co-authored with two others at the American Reading Forum Annual Conference on Sanibel Island, Fla., in December. The paper was titled “Looking back at policy: Re-seeing teacher education practices through visual literacy.” Edge, Cameron-Standerford, Bergh, Standerford and Reissner also co-authored “Textualizing Experiences: Reading the ‘texts’ of teacher education practices,” which was published in the American Reading Forum Annual Yearbook

Ten NMU faculty, staff and students presented papers at the 2014 Michigan Campus Compact Institute, a teaching and learning conference held Feb. 3-4 at Grand Valley State University. The participants included (from left) Charles Ganzert (CAPS), Rachel Harris, David Bonsall and student Hannah Lewis (Center for Student Enrichment), Brian McGowan (Health and Human Performance), Jon Barch and Lizzie Corser (Center for Student Enrichment), Heidi Stevenson (English), and Jennifer James-Mesloh and Judy Puncochar (Education, Leadership and Public Service). Here are the details on their presentations:

▪"The Evolution of Service-Learning Practices at Northern Michigan University," Ganzert, James-Mesloh, Harris and Puncochar

▪"Viewing Service Learning Through a Rural Lens," Ganzert, Stevenson, Holton and Tullier

▪"Academic Service Learning as a Vehicle for Autonomy-Supported Instruction,” Barch and Corser

▪"Promoting Community Involvement to First Year Students through Academic Service Learning and First Year Experience," Kratz and McGowan